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Slovakia Answers. Index. Education Town History Places to relax Sports. Education. How many high schools are there in our town Liptosvký Hrádok ? There are about 7 high schools in Liptosvký Hrádok . Are there any universities in the region of Liptov ? Yes there are.

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  • Education
  • Town
  • History
  • Places to relax
  • Sports
  • How many high schools are there in our town LiptosvkýHrádok?There are about 7 high schools in LiptosvkýHrádok.
  • Are there any universities in the region of Liptov?Yesthere are.
  • How long do we have a summer vacation?June 30 until September 1 (2 months)
  • Whatlanguages do we learn at our school?Slovak, English, Spanish and German.

10. In which field didour school achieve international success?

  • In Robotics. In 2011 Christian Karabín won the competition. They won the Robocup and went to Turkey.
  • 1) This place is situated in LiptovskyMikulas, Zilina, Slovakia.
  • 2) About 9000 people.

3)You can do skiing and swimming. Rafting, Mountain Biking, Horseback riding, Paragliding and Snowboarding.

  • 4) From the Defense tower

5) When and how often is LiptovMarkt held? 

= Three times a year

  • 24/25-11-20… LiptovskýMikuláš - Mikulášsketrhy
  • 10-12-20… Poprad - Vianočnétrhy
  • 9/10-12-20… LiptovskýMikuláš - Mikulášsketrhy

Gladiator (a band)

  • 6) These are the 3 of the celebrities of the town:

Peter Cmorik (singer)

Ivan Miklos (a Slovak economist and politician)

  • Question number 1: Where is the castle of LiptovskýHrádok located?
  • Answer 1: LiptovskýHrádok is a town located in the north of Slovakia, in the region of Liptov. It is located in the centre of Liptov.
  • Question 2: here is one museum in Liptovský Hrádok(our town) talking about the history and life of peope living there. What is it called and what can be seen there?
  • Answer 2:The Museum of ČiernyOrolL.Mikuláš is the museum that represents the national life of the people living in Slovakia. You can see things what people use in their daily life.

Question 3: The castle of Liptovský Hrádok is now a comfortable hotel. When did owner of this castle, Dagmar Máchová, buy this monument?

  • Answer 3: In 2001.
  • question 4: There was a Guide cemetery in Liptovský Hrádok. In 1970 it was destroyed. Now they are in lapidarium.How old is the cemetery?
  • Answer 4: 40 years.
places to relax
Places to relax
  • 3.It means holy lake (reservoir)
  • Because the longest river runs through Liptov and fills the Slovakia’s important lake or reservoir in liptovska Mara
  • 4.the first cave is Okno and the second cave is the cave of freedom and the third is the ice cave (I found three caves in Demänovská valley )
  • Because it has a rich history and also mountaineers likes to climb it.

5. What kind of relaxation can you enjoy in the village LiptovskýJán?

  • Ski centre Javorovica
  •  6. What intersting can we find in Pribylina?     
  • The Museum of Liptov
  • Who is Michal Martikan?
  • Michal Martikan is a slovakian slalom canoeist.
  • What are the most popular  sports in the town LiptovskýMikuláš?
  • -ice hockey
  • -slalom