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By Langgeng Setyono (115030213111001) Business Administration

Business Comunication , Manangement , succes. By Langgeng Setyono (115030213111001) Business Administration. MIND MAPPING. Position of Comunication. The Important writing Comunication. The Claim. Business Comunication , Manangement , succes.

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By Langgeng Setyono (115030213111001) Business Administration

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  1. Business Comunication, Manangement, succes By Langgeng Setyono (115030213111001) Business Administration

  2. MIND MAPPING Position of Comunication The ImportantwritingComunication The Claim Business Comunication, Manangement, succes Listening,sepaking Interpersonal ManagerialFunction Of Comunication The Documents The Cost of cprespondance The Documents The cost of poor The Documents The Documents Criteria for efectiveMessage Trends In Business Adm Comm UnderstandingandAnalysing


  4. The ImportantwritingComunication MySecretaryWill do allMyWriring FACT ComunicationinWrriting Not Important I WillUseFormLetter ImBeingHiredanaccountant Not A writerr I JustPickUpthePhone

  5. The Importance of Comuniction Listening , Speaking, interpersonal The WriteDocument

  6. The Importance of Comuniction Listening , Speaking, interpersonal The WriteDocument

  7. Cost Of corespondance

  8. Cost Of poorcorespondance


  10. Trend In Business And AdministrativeComunication Diversity Entrepenerurshipandoutsourching Teams Globalization Focus on QualityandCustomerNeeds Legal & Ethical Concern Technology

  11. Understandingandanalyzing Business omunicationSituations

  12. ToSolve Business Comunication Problem AnswerthesixQuestionsAnalysis OrganizeYourinformatiionto Fit YourAudience,purpose, andSituation MakeyourDocumentVisuallyinvitting ReviseYourDrafttoreate a friendly, Businesslike,positiveStyle Englishyourdraft for standartEnglish Usetheresponseotugetpalntofuturemessages

  13. The Six Questions WhatareYourAudiene? WhatareurPurposeinwriting? Whatinformation? Howcanbuildsupporttheposition Whatobjectiontoreaderhave? Whataspect of the total situationmayeffectreaderresponse?

  14. Conclusion Communicationisessentialinbusinessorganizations. Withoutcommunicationanorganizationcertainlydoes not existbecausetherewasnomeans of communicationactivitiesundertakenbymembers of theorganization. Let'slookattheactivities of theorganizationwhichnocommunicationwould not exist. Whenthemanagerdistributesworktosubordinatesusingcommunication, whenaccountantsreportedfinancialstatementsusingthecommunication, whenmeeting, negotiatingwithbusinesscolleagues, promotion of productstoconsumersallusecommunications.

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