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evaporation. By Anantveer Badal and Krish garg. Definition.

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  1. evaporation By AnantveerBadal and Krishgarg

  2. Definition The act of resolving or the state of being resolved into vapor; the conversion of a solid or liquid by heat into vapor, fumes, or steam; vaporization. The process of evaporation is constantly going on at the surface of the earth, but principally at the surface of the sea and other bodies of water. The vapor thus formed, being specifically lighter than atmospheric air, rises to considerable heights above the earth's surface, and afterward, by a partial condensation, forms clouds, and finally descends in rain. “I've heard people say the haze in the area is from evaporation from the lake.” Warm air can hold more H2O than cold, so you get more evaporation from the oceans and to a lesser extent, the ground.” Any increase in temperature will have augmented the amount of evaporation from the lake.”

  3. liquid gas Turns to

  4. Amazing facts And credits • molecules with a lot of energy have the power to evaporate faster. it can Evaporate happens when it is cool or warm. Air pressure can change the rate on evaporation . When evaporation reaches a point it will slow down. Evaporation happens when a atoms or molecules escape from a liquid.

  5. Credits • http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_facts_on_evaporation#ixzz26hWnScnb

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