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Information Systems Management (ISM) at UC Santa Cruz. Subhas Desa. What is Information Systems Management (ISM)?. The Technology of Business : the design and use of technologies to efficiently and profitably manage and operate any enterprise or company

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What is information systems management ism l.jpg
What is Information Systems Management (ISM)?

  • The Technology of Business: the design and use of technologies to efficiently and profitably manage and operate any enterprise or company

  • The Business of Technology: how to develop, manage, and commercialize technologies/products (e.g., computers, networks, and software)

An exciting new discipline that combines engineering and management to address:

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

The ism advantage l.jpg
The ISM Advantage

Flexibility in a rapidly changing world. Technological specialization can be a dead-end.

Keys to Success. Learning for the real world

  • How to effectively manage others

  • How to coordinate a company’s technologies and data

  • How to lead complex technological projects

  • How to market and sell ideas/products

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Why ism at ucsc l.jpg
Why ISM at UCSC?

  • New Department: Increased contact with faculty, smaller classes, new faculty hires trained to today’s technologies

  • Credit available for relevant work experience

  • Part of the Baskin School of Engineering: Science, engineering, and programming courses taught by world-class researchers

  • Flexibility: Electives are chosen from Engineering (e.g., Computer Architecture), Social Sciences (e.g., Business Strategy), or tailored to individual needs of the student

  • Internships and Projects: Students can work for local technology companies and/or with faculty researchers

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Ism specializations l.jpg
ISM Specializations

  • ISM - Information Systems Management (The Technology of Business) - Use information and computer systems to solve business problems (e.g., finance and resource allocation)

  • MOT - Management of Technology (The Business of Technology) - Develop and commercialize a new product or idea (business strategy, marketing, etc.)

  • ISTM - Information Systems and Management of Technology - A combination of the above two

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Ism faculty l.jpg
ISM Faculty

  • Ram Akella, Professor (Information Technology, Knowledge Management)

  • Subhas Desa, Undergraduate Director (Management of Technology, Product Development)

  • Patrick Mantey, Professor (Systems Management, Multi-Media)

  • John Musacchio, Assistant Professor (Control of Communication Networks)

  • Kevin Ross, Assistant Professor (Complex Systems Management)

  • Yi Zhang, Assistant Professor (Knowledge Management)

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Ism research l.jpg
ISM Research

  • Management of Technology and Product Development

  • Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (Data Mining)

  • Risk Management in the Development of Technologies

  • System Dynamics of the Enterprise Value Chain

  • Strategy and Pricing for Communication Networks

  • Scheduling and Control of Information Networks

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Current ism internships l.jpg
Current ISM Internships

  • GIIP – through the Sociology Department, providing services to address ISM needs in small, local industries

  • J. P. Morgan

  • LightSurf

  • Seagate

  • UCSC, Cruz Mail

  • UCSC, Information Technology Services

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Ism foundation courses l.jpg
ISM Foundation Courses

  • Calculus, linear algebra, and discrete math

  • Macro- and Microeconomics

  • Accounting principles and practice

  • Programming, data structures, and computer organization

  • Business Strategy and Information Systems

    Transfer students should take as many of these courses as possible at their local colleges (see for equivalent classes)

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Ism core courses l.jpg
ISM Core Courses

  • Business Information Systems

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • Business Strategy and Information Systems

  • Management of Technology Seminar

  • Management of Technology I: The Management, Development, and Commercialization of Technology

  • Management of Technology II: Management of the Enterprise Value Chain

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Should you consider ism l.jpg
Should you consider ISM?

  • Are you interested in engineering but know that you would rather be involved in the business or management end of technology?

  • Are you interested in business but know you want a job managing a company’s technologies and data?

  • Are you interested in developing and marking your own products or ideas (or those produce by others)?

Subhas Desa, [email protected]

Next step l.jpg
Next step

For more information about the program

  • Our Web-site

  • Contact

    Subhas Desa, Undergraduate Director phone: 831-459-1641 e-mail: [email protected]

Subhas Desa, [email protected]