update on large country task team india n.
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Update on Large country task team: India PowerPoint Presentation
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Update on Large country task team: India

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Update on Large country task team: India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on Large country task team: India. Naveen Thacker .

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The Large Country Task Team on India and Nigeria was formed In November 2010 to identify new and innovative ways of working with these two large countries. The task team brought together a wide range of stakeholders and conducted in-country consultations on future collaboration India (May 25-27, 2011, September 22 -23).


The recommendations of the Task Team were discussed at the September PPC meeting. The PPC agreed that these countries need a tailored approach and requested the Secretariat and partners to work with the countries to develop a plan of action with both countries.

ppc recommendations to gavi board
PPC Recommendations to GAVI Board
  • Request the GAVI Secretariat to develop an agreement with the Government of India for a partnership in support of India‟s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) towards achievement of universal access to health care and in support of India‟s 12th Five-Year Plan and National Vaccine Policy, which would include:  

a) Flexible, high quality technical assistance to overcome operational barriers and promote innovative practices to ensure vaccine safety, security and equity b) Support to strengthen capacity of local institutions to generate and interpret evidence, build technical consensus and implement policy.


c) Strengthening evidence-based advocacy and communication.

d) Catalytic commodity support for scale up of pentavalent vaccine in 6 states, (including related logistics support) and introduction of additional new vaccine(s) beyond pentavalent (including pneumococcal and/or rotavirus).


Endorse a new allocation of US$ 350 Million for technical and catalytic commodity support until 2015 with a subsequent review as defined in an agreement. This allocation is based on the previous cap which was derived from detailed estimated vaccine and cash support requirements of selected states in India. The policy with regards to use of funds will be consistent with GAVI policies.

  • Request the GAVI secretariat commission an independent analysis of potential CSO support in India to guide future engagement with CSOs in-country.
cross cutting issues
Cross Cutting issues
  • Waive the 70% filter for introducing NVS in India.
  • Apply a flexible and country driven approach to provision of GAVI cash based support.
  • Provide direct support to CSOs
  • Impact on countries
    • GAVI support and partnerships with India can have a major catalytic effect in supporting the GoI to improve immunisation and accelerate new vaccine introduction at scale according to their national vaccine strategy.
    • Stronger engagement with India will enhance GAVI’s ability to shape the vaccine market.