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Rewards and Recognition

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Rewards and Recognition. It’s all about the money, money, money?! Kate Dawson (Student Rep Coordinator-UWESU). The best reward/recognition I have ever received is…. Welcome, welcome.

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rewards and recognition

Rewards and Recognition

It’s all about the money, money, money?!

Kate Dawson

(Student Rep Coordinator-UWESU)

what do we do now

As a Students’ Union we like to reward and recognise students- especially those students that become student reps

  • UWESU operates a payment of £6.87 per hour spent in meetings
What do we do now?
what do we do now2

The student rep awards-

21st March 2013-swanky do!

you can nominate now:

What do we do now?
nm or m

There is much debate between the incentives of NM or M (Non-monetary or Monetary rewards) and which is the most effective

  • Monetary- It’s all about the money, money, money? £6.87 per hour spent in meetings
  • Non-monetary or known as soft incentives-that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ of doing well/being praised

Research has shown that the most effective form of reward and recognition is in SPONTANEOUS recognition…

  • Getting thank you or praise when you are not expecting it
  • This correlates directly to retention and people wanting to carry on being student reps

In all the research that I came across (lots of love for google) it all talked about the benefit to the employer for having rewards and recognition for employees…

the su operates differently

The SU is different…

  • It does not benefit US if you-

-Turn or don’t turn up to meetings

-Do or Don’t give feedback

-Become a student rep or not

The benefit lies with you and the University for making change

The SU operates differently…

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how we should best reward and recognise students

  • So we want to know how you feel rewarded, who by and what they do to make you feel recognised and rewarded? In your role as a student rep…
flipchart fun

Who?-Who do you feel rewarded by?

  • How?-How do these individuals/groups reward/recognise you?
  • What?-What is it they do that makes you feel rewarded/recognised?
Flipchart Fun
feeding back

Which are NM (non-monetary) and M (monetary)?

  • Is the individual/group you have written down-University or UWESU or students?
  • Pick your top three on each of the sections:
  • WHO?
  • HOW?
  • WHAT?
Feeding Back…
personal reflection

Got involved with the Union in second year

  • Initially for personal gain-needed something for my CV
  • Went on so that actually helping students and creating change
  • Having students come to me with issues, when I was able to help-was rewarding for me!
Personal reflection
an individual level

Take the pack of cards and rank why you became a student rep…

  • You only have a little bit of timeso be quick!
An individual level
is it enough

Is the warm fuzzy feeling enough to make student reps feel rewarded?

  • Other Students’ Unions do not pay their students reps (shock shock, horror horror)
  • Do you think this would effect the amount of student reps that the SU recruit?
Is it enough?
future thinking

Rewards and recognition comes in many different forms-

-This has been highlighted in the activities done in this workshop

-NM or M forms of recognition and reward

-Rewards and recognition through students

Future thinking…
could more be done

Spontaneous incentives

  • Spot prizes
  • Further recognition from the University
  • Title?
Could more be done?

*We will always try to reward and recognise the students that go above and beyond

*The real question is are we rewarding you in the right way!

*workshops today have given a clear indication of future recognition and the styles we could use

*Hope you found it useful!

the student rep awards

  • Thursday 21st March

A chance to celebrate the successes of students and student reps alike!

The Student Rep Awards