join us for a look into a day in 3 rd grade n.
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Join us for a look into a Day in 3 rd Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Join us for a look into a Day in 3 rd Grade

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Join us for a look into a Day in 3 rd Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Join us for a look into a Day in 3 rd Grade. Titles and Captions written by the 3 rd Graders in Rooms 109/110 Mr. Longbotham, Mrs. Christensen, Mrs. Eckert and Mrs. Cozzolino. Lunch Count.

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join us for a look into a day in 3 rd grade

Join us for a look intoa Day in 3rd Grade

Titles and Captions written by

the 3rd Graders in Rooms 109/110

Mr. Longbotham, Mrs. Christensen,

Mrs. Eckert and Mrs. Cozzolino

lunch count
Lunch Count

Every morning we walk into the West room. We sign in our name for lunch. Then we unpack for the day.

-Fallon Geisler

morning work
Morning Work

First thing in the morning, we read the Morning Message on the Smartboard and see what the Have To’s are. Most days we have a math warmup and then we can read one of our books.

morning meeting
Morning Meeting

This is me, Josie, reading the Morning Message. It’s the 3rd day of school I think. We also read the schedule and then start the day. I was Greeter for a week, like everyone will be.

-Josie Quinn

morning meeting1
Morning Meeting

This is me sharing. Someone shares and then we ask questions.

I was sharing about the Renaissance Faire.

-Andrew DiPonio

reading workshop
Reading Workshop

I am reading a book about frogs.

-Logan Ormond

reading workshop1
Reading Workshop

I’m reading with Mrs. C. I’m reading Flat Stanley and

other people are reading too.

-J.J Giordano


Miss Zhe is reading with Sadie.

Miss Zheonly comes on Tuesdays.

-Liam Quinn


This is Aidan Reynolds. He is filling out his Reading Log. You fill it out after reading time.

-Aidan Reynolds

writing workshop
Writing Workshop

We cut out pictures that we liked in a magazine.

Then we put the pictures that we cut on our Writing Journal.

-Michael DoBosh

magnet poetry
Magnet Poetry

After we were done with our work, Fallon and I

went and did magnet poetry.

-Lily Sturgis

writing workshop1
Writing Workshop

In school I am working on my person for the hallway.

I was writing about me.


writing workshop2
Writing Workshop

This is me working on the word “multiplication”.

I practiced spelling it with Mrs. Christensen.

-Ezra Engel-DiMauro

walking in the halls
Walking in the Halls

We walk in the halls coming off and going on the bus, going out and coming in from outside. Some are in line and some are not.

-Nikola Silvestrini

lunch time
Lunch time

This is where I go to eat lunch. I am talking to my friend,

but my classmate was talking at the same time!

- -Andrew Barrese


We are playing a musical game. We are having fun!

Our Music teacher is Mrs. Faure.

- -Timothy Zhang

read aloud
Read Aloud

Miss Zheis reading to us.

It was a good book.

-Liam Quinn


We’re using Pattern Blocks and making cool stuff like

square guys and other stuff. They help you learn about shapes.

-Aidan Rice


I am building with Interconnecting cubes.

I am making a guy.

-Ethan Heller


We went to 4 different stations. I’m doing Tangrams.

It was fun to put them together to make a shape.

-Carlie McKnight

rubberband explosion
Rubberband Explosion!

Nikola and her table were at the Geo-board Station. Nikola’s design on the Geo-board was like you were looking at an explosion from a bird’s eye view.

-Sadie Spring

choice time
Choice Time

We have Choice Time most Fridays. Michael is on the Smartboard and he is drawing. You can play guitar, Legos and even chess.

- -Max Reinking

listening center
Listening Center

We were listening at the Listening Center during Choice Time.

We heard the True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

-Christopher Marz

snack time
Snack time!


spanish espa ol

We are in español filling out a form of different words. They explain ourselves like happy, sad, pretty good, or horrible.

If someone says, “¿Cómoestás?” You say, !Muybien, gracias!”

-Aidan Barritt


Off we go, on our way back home!