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DARPA CoABS Workshop Las Vegas, NV. TIE Final Group 1 Briefing Coordinator: Katia Sycara January 29, 1999. Discussion Topics. 1. Participants in each TIE could get together to resolve technical issues consensus commiment 2. General Issues TIEs visualization

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DARPA CoABS WorkshopLas Vegas, NV.TIE Final Group 1 BriefingCoordinator: Katia SycaraJanuary 29, 1999

Katia Sycara

discussion topics
Discussion Topics

1. Participants in each TIE could get together to resolve technical issues

  • consensus
  • commiment

2. General Issues

  • TIEs visualization
  • There will be 3 TIEs conceptually connected through a story.
    • Functionality of agents
    • Agent activity
    • Debugging/history

Katia Sycara

general issues continued
General Issues (continued)

3. Interaction of TIEs and GRID

4. Scientific Claims

5. Procedural Issues

Katia Sycara


1. Agreed with current view of GRID design of GITI/ISX of bottom up

2. Services

eg. Interoperability agent

RETSINA matchmaker

OAA facilitator

Katia Sycara

grid continued
GRID (continued)

Other Useful Services for TIEs

  • translation
  • visualization
  • support for different types of simulators
  • networking infrastructure
  • language/tools for best use of GRID services
  • service description languages

Katia Sycara

summary of scientific claims
Summary of Scientific Claims

TIE 1 - “Helo Evac”

Key Questions

1. Can multi-agents be programmed at the team-level? (Team-Oriented Programming)

2. What are the key requirements for ACLs in team setting?

3. What are the key requirements for distributed monitoring & diagnosis to provide (guaranteed) robustness?

Katia Sycara

team oriented programming top
Team-Oriented ProgrammingTOP

Short-Term Goals (March)

  • Can TIE team be programmed by:
    • Organization Hierarchy
    • Team Procedures
    • Current team goals and plans
    • Automated coordination via teamcore?

Long-Term Goals

  • Extract general principles of “TOP” and build tools to facilitate “TOP”

Katia Sycara

distributed monitoring diagnosis recovery
Distributed Monitoring, Diagnosis & Recovery

Short-Term Goals (March)

  • Explore appropriateness of existing techniques in TEAMCORE for distributed monitoring, diagnosis & recovery
  • Build primitives for TEAMCORE Agents to monitor domian-level agents
  • Compile logs of failures

Long-Term Goals

  • Extract general principles from compiled logs, add to existing TEAMCORE techniques

Katia Sycara

acls for teams
ACLs for TEAMs

Short-Term Goals (March)

  • Explore shortcomings of existing ACLs for TEAMWORK
  • Explore interoperation of OAA (Quickset) & TEAMCORE (KQML)


  • Investigate efficiency of semantics of ACL (particularly for teamwork)
  • Development of semantic interpretation bridge between TEAMCORE and OAA

Katia Sycara

scientific claims technical challenges tie 2
Scientific Claims Technical ChallengesTIE 2

1. Coherent Communication

  • Webtrader brokers information sources Adriadne dynamically incorporates request “Addness in Kuwait for conference attendees”
  • Multiple translators glued together speech (MMM)  ML Menus

2. Control

  • Planner controls multiple simulated physical agents
  • Planner responds to outside events
  • Posting goals

3. Human in the loop

Katia Sycara

scientific claims technical challenges tie 3
Scientific Claims Technical ChallengesTIE 3

1. Coherent communication between two heterogeneous MAS

2. Functional substitutability of agents

3. “Agentification” of legacy systems

4. Adaptivity:

  • Interfaces
  • MAS organization
  • Single Agent

5. Collaboration

  • human-human
  • human-agent
  • MAS

Katia Sycara

scientific claims tie 3
Scientific Claims - TIE 3

1. Interoperability

a. Structure of interop agent

Protocols of interop agent

b. Interop services of the Grid?

2. Functional Agent Substitutability

a. Languages and protocols for capability


b. Resolving mismatches of substitutable agent tasking

and results

3. “Amplification”

a. Is wrapping best way?

Katia Sycara

scientific claims tie 3 continued
Scientific Claims - TIE 3 (continued)

4. Adaptivity/Robustness

a. Adaptive interface to user resources

Organizational adaptivity through middle agents

5. Collaboration

a. Human-Agent

  • tasking of agents
  • functional role allocation


  • dynamic team formation
  • tradeoffs of different organizational structures

Katia Sycara

procedural issues
Procedural Issues

1. Increase frequency of telecons to 1 per week

2. Build Ties at GITI/ISX

  • set and commit to a date
  • install components
  • meet to rehearse
  • clarify audience

Katia Sycara