Presented to the portfolio committee may 2008
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Presented to the Portfolio Committee May 2008. Outline. Introduction: Strategic overview Key strategic objectives Recent outputs Ten year innovation Plan Performance indicators Resources: Human and financial Public entities reporting to DST Conclusion. Vision and mission. Vision

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  • Introduction: Strategic overview

  • Key strategic objectives

  • Recent outputs

  • Ten year innovation Plan

  • Performance indicators

  • Resources: Human and financial

  • Public entities reporting to DST

  • Conclusion

Vision and mission
Vision and mission

  • Vision

    • To create a prosperous society that derives enduring and equitable benefits from science and technology

  • Mission

    • To develop, coordinate and manage a National System of Innovation that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life for all

Strategic overview and key policy developments



OECD Review


Public S&T missions, HCD…

  • Biotechnology, ICT

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Astronomy

  • Poverty Alleviation, etc.

10Yr Innovation


Knowledge-based economy

  • Grand challenges

  • Human capital development, etc.

NR&D Strategy

S&T missions

Developing the NSI

ST&I investment plan based on strategic priorities

S&T White


  • Quality of life

  • Wealth creation





Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments


of DST

Strategic overview and key policy developments1

Stage of technology development

1 = Early phase

2 = Growth phase

3 = Efficiency phase

Information age

Degree of technological maturity and market saturation



Age of steam












Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments

Strategic overview and key policy developments 2004 5 2010 11

Emerging areas

(DST Should..)

Sector specific

(DST May…)

Mature areas

(Should not…)

  • Be involved but not be the leader e.g. health, agric, minerals

  • Not be involved, but know what goes on

  • Standard technology-based services

  • E.g. Weather services

  • Take the lead

  • E.g. biotech, nanotech etc.

  • Sector Departments lead

DST responsibility

Strategic Overview and key Policy Developments: 2004/5-2010/11

  • Strategic Management Framework sets specific areas of DST involvement across NSI

Dst five principle goals
DST five principle goals

  • To develop the innovation capacity of the science system and contribute to socio-economic development

  • To develop appropriate human capital for research, development and innovation (RDI)

  • To build world-class RDI infrastructure

  • Position SA as a strategic international RDI partner and destination

  • Develop South Africa’s knowledge-generation capacity

Key deliverables linked to goals
Key deliverables linked to goals

  • Development of strong innovation chains in biotech, nanotech, the H2 economy, space science, ICT and manufacturing;

  • Application of technologies to address poverty and improve the quality of life of South Africans;

  • Development of a healthy and diverse flux of young people seeking and finding careers in science and engineering;

  • Accomplishment of notable successes in turning trends in global science to the national advantage, for example in astronomy and space science.

Some recent outputs
Some recent outputs…

  • BRICs led to:

    • Establishment of 3 drug discovery companies working on compounds for the potential treatment of HIV and TB (Elevation Biotech, Arvir and iThemba Pharmaceuticals) and BEE clinical organisation (African Clinical Research Organisation)

    • Complete sequencing of genome of a strain of extremely drug resistant TB

  • ICGEB was launched by President Thabo Mbeki on 10 September 2007

  • SARCHI awarded 72 Research Chairs

    – 1/3 of target of 210 chairs

Some recent outputs1
Some recent outputs…

  • Innovation Honours Bursary awarded to 280 students

    • 83% are blacks, 55% women

    • Pilot with R10m, 98% used on core project, 2% on admin

    • 70% students to pursue MSc and PhD studies

  • 125 unemployed SET graduates were deployed to 22 Science Centres

  • Centres of excellence (CoEs) attracted 313 postgraduate students since 2004 and produced publications

Some recent outputs2
Some recent outputs

  • IKS Research Chair (on traditional medicines and health systems) awarded to the University of KwaZulu Natal

  • Launch of SA Earth Observation System Strategy

    • Coordinate earth observation data to assist with planning

  • DST’s continuing participation in EU framework programmes

    • R70m leveraged, 47 projects approved in 07/08

  • Nanotechnology and nanoscience programme

    • 2 innovation centres set up

R d survey results
R&D survey results

  • The 2005/06 R&D survey results indicate:

    • GERD is 0.92% of GDP – on target for 1% by 2008

    • business continues to be the major performer of in-house research (58.3 percent)

    • 57 000 researchers and support staff in the public and private sectors, with about 17 000 FTE researchers.

  • HRD is one the DST’s main focus area, with a concerted effort to increase innovation and engineering skills

    • 1/3 of programme money to HCD ~R200m

Ten year innovation plan


Grand challenges

Technology development and innovation

Human capital - Centres of excellence, South African research chairs initiative, professional development programme, etc.

Cross- cutting enablers

Farmer to pharma

Human & social science

Climate change


Space science

Knowledge infrastructure – Science councils, state-owned enterprises, global projects

Ten year innovation plan

  • Investment plan based on strategic priorities

Medium term initiatives
Medium term initiatives

  • Establish and operationalise TIA

  • Establish and operationalise the Space Agency

  • Implement innovation plan

    • Grand challenge implementation plans

    • Human capital development strategy

    • International engagement strategy

    • Technology transfer strategy

  • IPR bill

Public entities and agencies reporting to dst
Public Entities and Agencies Reporting to DST

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

  • National Research Foundation (NRF)

  • Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

  • Africa institute of South Africa (AISA)

  • Tshumisano

  • South African National Energy Research

  • Academy of Science of South Africa


  • Medium term outputs driven by

    • National R&D strategy

    • Ten year innovation plan

  • Performance satisfactory

  • Steady growth in resources

  • Establishment of innovation instruments

  • Continued focus on HCD and innovation skills

  • Public entities aligned to implement innovation plan

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