key successes in the british film industry n.
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Key Successes in the British Film Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Successes in the British Film Industry

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Key Successes in the British Film Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key Successes in the British Film Industry. Objective. Explain why some British films have been successful. BAFTA – Best British Film. This is often a measure of how successful a film has been, with critics anyway

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  • Explain why some British films have been successful
bafta best british film
BAFTA – Best British Film
  • This is often a measure of how successful a film has been, with critics anyway
  • Awards and accolades provide extra publicity for a film and lead to increased box-office and DVD/BD sales revenue
  • BAFTA has toyed with the Best British Film category (changes, incorporations) but now has The Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film
recent bafta winners
Recent BAFTA winners
  • 2012 – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • 2011 – The King’s Speech
  • 2010 – Fish Tank
  • 2009 – Man on Wire
  • 2008 – This is England

What are the qualities of ‘Britishness’ that these films convey?

the oscars
The Oscars
  • British films have fared well at the ceremony
  • Internationally recognised
  • Boost sales significantly
  • ‘Licence’ to make more personal films
  • Make the films you want
  • Curse – past performance is not a guide to future success
recent british successes at the oscars
Recent British Successes at the Oscars
  • 2011 – The King’s Speech
  • 2009 – Slumdog Millionaire
  • 2006 – Helen Mirren for The Queen
  • 1998 – Shakespeare in Love, Best Picture
  • Aardman Animations (Nick Park) – 1991, 1994, 1996 = Best Animated Short Film, 2005 = Best Animated Feature (Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts)
  • Why has the American film industry chosen these particular British films to reward?
heritage of british success at the oscars
Heritage of British Success at the Oscars
  • How much of this is down to actors and directors working exclusively in Britain?
  • Why is this?
honour is not always profit
Honour is not always Profit
  • Making the most money does not mean you will win the award for best film
  • (Fish Tank)
  • Look at the Inbetweeners Movie... Makes £50m, costs £4m... No Oscar glory there!
  • Look at Four Lions... Wins the BAFTA Best British Film award, but makes only a modest profit at the box office...