Iron and steel
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Iron and Steel. Period 3 Honors Amanda Fatovic Jaime Plitnick Kelly Cheung. Famous People. William Kelly. Henry Bessemer. Charles Goodyear. Bessemer Process. Rubber Vulcanizing. Advancements and Improvements in Technology. More of Stronger Machinery

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Iron and steel

Iron and Steel

Period 3 Honors

Amanda Fatovic

Jaime Plitnick

Kelly Cheung

Famous people
Famous People

William Kelly

Henry Bessemer

Charles Goodyear

Bessemer Process

Rubber Vulcanizing

Advancements and improvements in technology
Advancements and Improvements in Technology

  • More of Stronger Machinery

  • Iron smelteries discovered that the gases that coal released during the coke making process could be burned to give light.

  • Better steam-engines able to withstand higher pressures. (iron  steel)

  • Also became a part of transportation: Railroadsand Bridges

  • Helped make industries BIG.

  • Production of rubber created a new industry as well, rubber was first used to make waterproof shoes and coats  Goodyear cures the rubber

  • In the oil industry people discovered how to use crude oil to produce paraffin for candles and lubricating machinery even kerosene for lighting and heating

What britain had available
What Britain had available

  • Iron ores were one of the strongest of the common resources.

  • Stable Government/Economy.

  • Iron  Steel. Using the process of forcing air into burning molten iron to burn out the carbon and impurities.

  • Innovative Thinkers.

  • The Demand for more machinery (made of iron or steel).

Impact on britain
Impact on Britain

  • More Machinery

  • Improved Technology

  • More Industries

  • Mass Production (more products)

  • “Easier Life”

  • Ideas and technology will spread throughout country (advanced country).

Impact on other countries
Impact on other Countries

  • More products for trade (mass production) for the countries to purchase.

  • Transfer of ideas can cause them to have machines and mass production also.

  • Attracting people to work in factories.

  • Industrial Revolution spreading to other countries (Ex. How Samuel Slater brought it to the U.S.)

Why we re better
Why We’re Better

  • Iron and Steel are strong and were very available (had large amounts of it).

  • Iron and steel could be molded into almost whatever you need. (Eventually Leading To more Inventions)

    • Could help in reinforcement, transportation, structures, etc.

  • Is the main material in machinery (a BIG part of the Industrial Revolution).

  • Without it the Industrial Revolution wouldn’t have happened. (Inventors had nothing to build on).

  • Helped build Industries.