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National Save for Retirement Week PowerPoint Presentation
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National Save for Retirement Week

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National Save for Retirement Week
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National Save for Retirement Week

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  1. National Save for Retirement Week It’s Closer Than You Think!

  2. Start Saving Now! Make it a habit – start saving at a young age, even if it’s a small amount. Set small savings goals first – save for 6 months of living expenses and then aim higher. Establish an appropriate spending plan for your money. Compound interest is your friend – small amounts saved now will become larger over time. Develop a tax deferred savings strategy.

  3. “How Do I Get Started?” Does your workplace offer a 401(k), 457, 403(b) or other defined contribution plan? Talk with a benefits coordinator to start an account and take advantage of any employer match that’s offered. No employer plan? You can begin a Roth IRA with an investment company. Speak with an investment advisor or research online to find the best fit for you. Finally – don’t touch your retirement account. Though it may be tempting, it’s best to let the account grow over the years so you have money to fund your retirement. Plus, you’re often hit with penalties and fees for cashing out early.

  4. More Financial Tips… Avoid credit card debt; repayment with high interest rates can keep you from reaching your financial goals. Pay your bills on time, including student loan payments, to keep your credit worthiness high and allow you to obtain the best loans and credit terms in the future. Don’t forget about taxes when calculating your income; this may cause you to misestimate income flow.

  5. Get Educated! More and more young people feel anxious about retirement; 35% of those ages 18 to 34 are not too confident or not at all confident about retirement1 60 % of 20-30 year olds don’t think about retirement at all2 Speak with a financial advisor or research financial tips online and at the library; utilize your knowledge to make better decisions and grow your savings • •

  6. Visit for more information! NAGDCA Resources Visit for information on retirement planning and saving, as well as research and whitepapers on issues important to the retirement industry. Interested in a career in financial planning? Attend a NAGDCA Annual Conference – student attendance is complimentary. You can also apply for the ANC Foundation Scholarship to cover costs associated with attending. NAGDCA offers complimentary membership for students, which includes access to internship and job postings as well as an opportunity to post your resume for NAGDCA industry and government members to review for open positions.

  7. What is National Save for Retirement Week? National Save for Retirement Week is a congressionally supported program sponsored by NAGDCA to raise awareness of how critical it is to save now for a secure financial future. NAGDCA creates materials for the late October event, ranging from posters to email blasts, for employers to become involved in NS4RW. NAGDCA also posts activities from member entities so others may recreate or build on past activities for their NS4RW programming. Visit for more information on NS4RW!