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MSF is the answer. By Decoration Group. Donate for Haiti. Contents. INTRODUCTION WHAT IS THE MSF WHAT HAPPEN IN HAITI WHY DOES HAITI NEED MSF CONCLUTION. Non-Profit Organization. Organizations for some extent Private Non-profit-distributing Self-governing Voluntary.

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Msf is the answer

MSF is the answer

By Decoration Group

Donate for Haiti

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Non profit organization
Non-Profit Organization

  • Organizations for some extent

  • Private

  • Non-profit-distributing

  • Self-governing

  • Voluntary

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Doctors without borders msf
Doctors without borders (MSF)

Armed Conflict Ex: Haiti, Iraq, Iran and Jordan.

Epidemics Ex: Cholera in Haiti.

Malnutrition Ex: Niger

Natural Disasters Ex: Earthquake in Haiti, Flooding in Mexico

Exclusion From Health Ex: Street Children, Refugee.

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Hard situation in haiti

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake , 10th Jan.2010

222,000 people  died

1.5 million people homeless

Jail broken

Unstable politics

Hard Situation In Haiti

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What does msf do
What does MSF do

  • Malnutrition

    • 20 million children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition (UNICEF)

    • Provide READY-TO-USE food

      • 6,300 children were treated in Niger

  • Armed Conflict

    • Care people injured by gunshot, knife, or machete wounds, bombings, or sexual violence.

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What does msf do1
What does MSF do

  • Expertise

    • Special medical equipment

    • Correct information, analysis, and publish

  • Exclusion from Health Care

    • Neglected social group

      • Such as street children, migrants, minorities, displaced people, refugees, prisoners, the unemployed, people with HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis, drug users, sex workers.

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What does msf do2
What does MSF do

  • Epidemics

    • Responding to epidemic that spread rapidly and can be fatal if not treated.

  • Natural Disasters

    • Responding to the disasters quickly and closely by the mobile clinics.

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Who can join the msf
Who can join the MSF

  • No set description for MSF volunteers

    (no limit for sexes, ages, countries)

  • Two kinds of volunteers

    • Medical volunteers

    • Non-medical volunteers(All potential field volunteers must be interviewed by a human resource officer.)

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Requirements for medical volunteers
Requirements for medical volunteers

  • Experience

    • Two year professional experience in their specific area. Have some experience of living or working in different countries

  • Language

    • French and/or English (Chinese, Spanish, Russian)

  • Course

    • A candidate is invited to take the introductory course then goes on stand by...

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Where does the donation come from
Where does the donation come from

  • MSF is an indepandent organization,it does not depend on any goverment

  • 90% of the donation comes from the public

  • When a disaster happen, MSF can make

    decision to help people at once

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How does msf spend the donations
How does MSF spend the donations

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What does msf do3
What does MSF do

Overview of MSF Activities

  • Provide surgical care

  • Provide comprehensive physical rehabilitation treated gunshot-wounded

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What does msf do4
What does MSF do

  • Collected $138 million

  • Treated more than 358,000 people

  • Performed more than 16,500 surgeries

  • Delivered more than 15,000 babies

  • More than 5,700 major operations were carried out over the first three months alone.

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What does msf do in haiti
What does MSF do in Haiti

Treated more than 91,000 cholera patients (JAN, 2011)

MSF’s operational budget projections for Haiti are $60.7 million (2011)

Constructed hospital for Haiti

Reason of choosing msf
Reason of choosing MSF

  • Access to Essential Medicines

  • A big international group without borders

  • Respect human rights

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Access to essential medicines
Access to Essential Medicines

  • Provide vaccines to Africa with affordable price

  • Give malnourished children help

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A big international group without borders
A big international group without borders

  • 2.4 million of donors and thousands of volunteers

  • From different countries, different religions

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Respect human rights
Respect human rights

  • Humanitarian aid

  • No compensation

  • Equal to everyone

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