Chapter 1 review
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Chapter 1 Review. Battle Royale-Style. Battle Royale Rules!. Each person from your team will be up at the board one time .

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Chapter 1 review

Chapter 1 Review

Battle Royale-Style

Battle royale rules
Battle Royale Rules!

  • Each person from your team will be up at the board one time.

  • Each person from your team may go up to the board to assist someone one time. After that they may not be a helper for the remainder of the game. No direct communication between the group and the board.

  • You must show your work with appropriate units for math problems.

  • You must write in a complete, stand-alone sentence for explanations (IQIA).

  • Lists must be written in order (answers only)

  • The point will be awarded for the team with the correct, complete answer that puts their pen down first.

  • Candy for the winning team!!!

Let s assemble teams
Let’s assemble teams!


Tables on the Right (and Sophia)


Middle tables

Team LEFT:

Left tables (and Dylan)

Let s assemble teams1
Let’s assemble teams!


Alonso -- Lim


Manley – Rolon-Hernandez

Team LEFT:

Tank -- Wohlers

You must answer in a complete sentence
You must answer in a complete sentence!

  • Write two quantitative observations and one qualitative observation about yourself.

  • Quantitative observations should be measured; contain numbers

  • Qualitative should NOT be an opinion

List four problems with the graph below
List four problems with the graph below:


List your answers in order no complete sentences needed
List your answers in order! No complete sentences needed.

3. List the eight characteristics of all living organisms (as discussed in class).



Growth and Development





Respond to stimuli/environment

List your answers full words but not in complete sentences
List your answers (full words, but NOT in complete sentences)!

4. Identify each of the following as being an observation or an inference:

  • The car is yellow.

  • The book is very old.

  • The phone is ringing.

  • Your foot is itchy.





Show your work don t forget units
SHOW YOUR WORK! Don’t forget units!

5. Calculate the percent change in the first three weeks of Mr. Allen’s diet:

(End – Start)/start x 100 = 140/100 x 100 = 140%

You must answer in complete sentences
You must answer in complete sentences!

6. What is a validity measure? Give an example of one.

A validity measure is a step that you take during an experiment to ensure that you are measuring what you intend to measure. Examples include calibrating equipment, washing glassware, etc…

Show your work don t forget units1
SHOW YOUR WORK! Don’t forget units!

7. Calculate the average height of the science teachers given the data below:

Average = sum/# = 950/5 = 190 cm

List and label your answers y ou do not need to answer in a complete sentence
List and label your answers; you DO NOT need to answer in a complete sentence!

8.You raise lobsters for sale and have heard that LOBSTER-MONGOUS™growth pellets will help you grow enormous crustaceans. You divide your initial baby lobsters into two groups: one fed with regular lobster chow and one fed with LOBSTER-MONGOUS™ growth pellets . You dose each group at the same time using the same amounts. After 10 weeks the lobster lengths are the same between the two groups. Identify the manipulated variable, responding variable and two controlled variables.

mv = food type; rv = lobster length; cvs = feeding time, feeding amounts,

You must answer in a complete sentence1
You must answer in a complete sentence!

9. How many times do you do something if you repeat it 40 times? Why?

  • 41! You have to do something once first before you can repeat it at all.

You must answer in complete sentences1
You must answer in complete sentences!

10. Define the following terms as they relate to the characteristics of life: homeostasis, adaptation, organization, respond.

  • Homeostasis = maintaining a stable internal environment.

  • Adaptation = inherited characteristics that increase an organism’s chance of survival.

    • Organization = store the information they need to live, grow, and reproduce in a genetic code in a molecule called DNA.

  • Respond = changes in growth, behavior to due to changes in the environment

Answer in a complete sentence
Answer in a complete sentence!

11. You have a horrible cold and are coughing, sneezing and achy. You buy COLD-B-GONE™ herbal supplements. In two days you feel 100% better. Just before you go out to buy a 10-year supply of these miracle pills you stop to reconsider the validity of your experiment. What is missing and why is it needed?

  • There is no control group (no results to compare to )!