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NAS Features Presentation
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NAS Features Presentation

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  1. NAS Features Presentation SR200 Quanta Confidential

  2. BT iTune and Podcasting RAID Migration DLNA and UPnP Samba Print Server DDNS Backup Agenda Quanta Confidential

  3. BT Quanta Confidential

  4. BitTorrent A peer-to-peer file distribution protocol Contain Client and tracker Use a torrent file with a suffix .torrent What is BT Quanta Confidential

  5. Client Server Tracker, Web Server Torrent file BT Components Quanta Confidential

  6. Server Tracker service Web service Relate the .torrent file with the types of MIME application/x-bittorrent Create .torrent file with tracker and URL of resource Publish .torrent file to the Web Create Web page with .torrent file link Run a origin or seed How BT works Quanta Confidential

  7. Client Install BitTorrent Provide Web browser Link the .torrent file Choose where the file will be saved Wait for download until succeed Cancel the bt process How BT works Quanta Confidential

  8. d8:announce34: Episode IV A New Hope-Rv9.rmvb10:name.utf-851:05.26.2005.Star WasEpisode IV A New Hope-Rv9.rmvb12:piecelengthi262144e6:pieces36220:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Tracker: Create by BitComet/0.58 Caeation date: 1117953113 second after 1970-1-1 00:00 Info Length : 474499162 bytes Name : 05.262005.StarWars Episode IV A New Hope-Rv9.rmvb Name. UTF-8 : 05.262005.StarWars Episode IV A New Hope-Rv9.rmvb Piece length : 262144 bytes Pieces : 36220 bytes SHA-1 hash value .torrent file format Quanta Confidential

  9. How BT works Quanta Confidential

  10. Peer to Tracker info_hash peer_id port uploaded downloaded left How BT works • compact • event • ip • numwant • trackerid Info hash, peer id, download, ip, numwant Quanta Confidential

  11. Tracker to peer failure reason warning message interval min interval tracker id How BT works • complete • incomplete • peers • peer id • ip • port peers ( peer id, ip, port ) Quanta Confidential

  12. info <len><id><payload> keep-alive: <len=0000> every two minutes choke: <len=0001><id=0> unchoke: <len=0001><id=1> interested: <len=0001><id=2> not interested: <len=0001><id=3> How BT works Quanta Confidential

  13. info <len><id><payload> have: <len=0005><id=4><piece index> bitfield: <len=0001+X><id=5><bitfield> request: <len=0013><id=6><index><begin><length> piece: <len=0009+X><id=7><index><begin><block> cancel: <len=0013><id=8><index><begin><length> How BT works Quanta Confidential

  14. Operation Feature stream operation ( five packet once ) segment choice ( choose order ) random first segment the fewest first last step mode How BT works Quanta Confidential

  15. Play a client role Save users resources Continous download files without PC BT on NAS Quanta Confidential

  16. iTune and Podcast Quanta Confidential

  17. What is iTune Quanta Confidential

  18. Playlists Music Library iMix Internet radio File format support MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC Music sharing Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) Video Podcasting Synchronizing iPod and other players What’s iTune can do Quanta Confidential

  19. The protocol is introduced by Apple in its iTunes software to share media across a local network A DAAP server is a specialized HTTP server Requests are sent to the server by the client in form of URLs ( daap://server/server-info or http://server:3689 ) How iTune works (DAAP) Quanta Confidential

  20. It sends a list of songs and it streams requested songs to clients The responses have the mime-type application/x-dmap-tagged How iTune works (DAAP) Quanta Confidential

  21. A podcast is a media file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster It is distinguished from other digital audio formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically, using software capable of reading feed formats such as RSS or Atom What’s Podcast Quanta Confidential

  22. What’s Podcast Quanta Confidential

  23. How to podcasting Quanta Confidential

  24. Both play server roles Reduce the time of users to organize the media files Provide a podcast server to outside users without PC iTune and Podcast on NAS Quanta Confidential

  25. RAID migration Quanta Confidential

  26. Allows data volumes to be moved between different-sized RAID groups Use to maintain data integrity allow normal business to continue Benefits Provides non-stop logical volume migration to different RAID groups comprised of larger capacity disk drives Enables non-stop migration of RAID groups to match specific needs for higher reliability and performance RAID Migration Quanta Confidential

  27. RAID Migration Quanta Confidential

  28. RAID Migration Quanta Confidential

  29. DLNA and UPnP Quanta Confidential

  30. Digital Living Network Alliance Digital Home Working Group (DHWG, formerly) DLNA is a cross-industry organization leading consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies. Members companies: Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Quanta…etc. DLNA Quanta Confidential

  31. Aim to industry standards Allow products from all companies to be compatible with each other Enable a network of electronic devices in the home consumers will be able to enjoy digital living easily DLNA Purpose Quanta Confidential

  32. DLNA Purpose (cont.) Quanta Confidential

  33. Scenario Enjoy listening to the music stored in NAS on high quality audio system A NAS is joining the home network. It becomes a multimedia server Favorite TV shows had recorded on DVR Gateway Access favorite TV shows from DVR, and view them on TV The menu shows videos stored in NAS. Now, we can watch Videos or Photos on a large-screen TV Quanta Confidential

  34. The devices can discover and learn about others automatically. Customers easily enjoy their life. DLNA certificate is available now through PMTC (Professional Multimedia Test center) DLNA Scenarios (cont.) Quanta Confidential

  35. DLNA Interoperability Guidelines Quanta Confidential

  36. Universal Plug and Play dynamically join a network and obtain an IP address convey its capabilities, and learn about other devices enabling discovery and control of devices All automatically and zero-configuration What is UPnP? Quanta Confidential

  37. uses standard TCP/IP protocol suit operating system、programming language and physical medium independent E.g. network-attached printers and consumer electronics equipment. What is UPnP? Quanta Confidential

  38. Universal Plug and Play Forum (UPnP Forum) Who Defines UPnP? Quanta Confidential

  39. Quanta Confidential

  40. A UPnP device consists of services and nested devices a VCR device may consist of tape transport、 tuner and clock services. A TV/VCR combo device would consist not just of services, but a nested device (VCR) as well. Devices Quanta Confidential

  41. A service in a UPnP device consists of a state table ,a control and an event server It can exposes actions and models its state with state variables E.g. a clock service a state variable, current_time defines the state of the clock two actions, set_time and get_time allow you to control the service. Services Quanta Confidential

  42. Is a controller capable of discovering and controlling other devices. Retrieve the information of interesting devices Get the device and service descriptions Invoke actions to control the service Set_time Subscribe to the service’s event source E.g. Subscribers would receive an event when a fire alarm service changes its state to “ringing” Control Points Quanta Confidential

  43. Protocols Used by UPnP Quanta Confidential

  44. Addressing A new device connects to a UPnP network and obtain an IP address Discovery Let others know “I join your club” (device) Search any interesting devices (control point) Description I wanna know more about you (device description) Control A control point knows a clock service of an alarm clock device and invoke set_time to adjust the time (service description) Eventing A control point subscribes the “time is up” event to a alarm service The alarm service changes its state to “time is up” and sends an event to subscribers Presentation (Optional ,vendor defined) Web page of a device. Allow users viewing the state and controlling the device Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential

  45. Addressing DHCP (DHCP server & client) Auto IP (reserved private addresses) Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential

  46. Discovery SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) device to advertise its services to control points on the network NOTIFY * HTTP/1.1HOST: max-age = seconds until advertisement expiresLOCATION: URL for UPnP description for root deviceNT: search targetNTS: ssdp:aliveSERVER: OS/versionUPnP/1.0product/versionUSN: advertisement UUID Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential

  47. Discovery (cont.) control point to search for devices of interest on the network. M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1HOST: "ssdp:discover"MX: seconds to delay responseST: search target Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential

  48. Discovery (cont.) Rsponse HTTP/1.1 200 OKCACHE-CONTROL: max-age = seconds until advertisement expiresDATE: when response was generatedEXT:LOCATION: URL for UPnP description for root deviceSERVER: OS/versionUPnP/1.0product/versionST: search targetUSN: advertisement UUID Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential

  49. Steps Involved in UPnP NetworkingDiscovery Quanta Confidential

  50. Description control point still knows very little about the device must retrieve the device's description from the URL provided by the device in the discovery message Use XML Steps Involved in UPnP Networking Quanta Confidential