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Forward proton distributions and correlations. PowerPoint Presentation
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Forward proton distributions and correlations.

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Forward proton distributions and correlations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forward proton distributions and correlations.
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  1. (topical examples) With a bit of personal flavour Tevatron, RHIC and LHC. Forward proton distributions and correlations. CEP studies. CDP@LHC with FSC

  2. New D0 jj- results, RHIC & ALICE data expected (star reactions!) Spin-Parity Analyzer (KKMR-2003) (glueballs- F.Close et al, Ochs-Minkowski) Detailed tests of dynamics of soft diffraction (KMR-02)

  3. ,b

  4. Prospects for high accuracy (~1%) mass measurements • (irrespectively of the decay mode). • Quantum number filter/analyser. • ( 0++dominance ;C,P-even) • H ->bb opens up (Hbb- coupl.) • (gg)CED bb inLO ; NLO,NNLO, b- masseffects - controllable. • For some areas of the MSSM param. spaceCEDP may become adiscovery channel! • H→WW*/WW - an added value (less challenging experimentally + small bgds., better PUcond. ) • New leverage –proton momentum correlations (probes of QCD dynamics , CP- violation effects…) CED Higgs production at the LHC H How do we know what we’ve found?  LHC : ‘after discovery stage’,Higgs ID…… mass, spin, couplings to fermions and Gauge Bosons, invisible modes…  for all these purposes the CEDP will be particularly handy !

  5. without ‘clever hardware’: for H(SM)bb at 60fb-1 only a handful of events due to severe exp. cuts and low efficiencies, though S/B~1 . But H->WWmode at M>135 GeV. enhanced trigger strategy & improved timing detectors. MSSM situation in the MSSM is very different from the SM SM-like > Detailed HKRSTW 2007-10 studies 4 generations:enhancedHbbrate (~ 5 times ) Conventionally due to overwhelming QCD backgrounds, the direct measurement of Hbb is very difficult The backgrounds to the diffractive H bb mode are manageable!

  6. “soft” scattering can easily destroy the gaps S²absorption effects -necessitated by unitarity gap M Everybody’s ~ happy (KMR, GLMM, FHSW, KP, S.Ostapchenco. Petrov et al, BH, GGPS, MCs..) gap soft-hard factorizn conserved broken eikonal rescatt: between protons enhanced rescatt: involving intermediate partons Subject of hot discussions recently :S²enh

  7. Standard Candle Processes ‘Better to light a candle than to rant against darkness’ ( Confucius )

  8. FSC@LHC * (more coming soon ) * * Prpospects ! Tevatron observations: CDF and D0 each have a few exclusive JJ events > 100 GeV All 3 measurements are all in good agreement (factor “few”) with the Durham group predictions.

  9. CDF Collaboration, arXiv:0902.1271 [hep-ex], PRL KMRS -2004:130 nb 80 nb (PDG-2008) /KK mode as a spin-parity analyzer Prospects of (b)-spectroscopy , FSC@CMS

  10. P-wave Bottomonia FNAL, E288 (spins- still unconfirmed) (Currently no complete theoretical description of onium properties.) (Still puzzles) (BABAR (2008)) The heaviest and most compact quark-antiquark bound state in nature 11

  11. 12

  12. Zoo of charmonium –like XYZ states

  13. still unobserved

  14. (maybe two different states X(3872), X(3875) )

  15. What we expect within the framework of the Perturbative Durham formalism (KMR-01, KKMR-03, KMRS-04, HKRS-10) Example, O++ -case *KNLO Strong sensitivity to the polarization structure of the vertex in the bare amplitude. Absorption is sizeably distorted by the polarization structure (affects the b-space distr.) KMR-01 KMR-02, KKMR-03, HKRS 09-10 (Gap size KMR-02 Forward proton distributions& correlations- possibility to test diffraction dynamics

  16. Phys.Rev.Lett.102:242001,2009 Too good to be true ?!

  17. (KRYSTHAL Col.) (HKRS-09,10)

  18. (A. Alekseev-1958-positronium) KMR-01 (R.Pasechnik et al, Phys.Lett.B680:62-71,2009; HKRS, Eur.Phys.J.C65:433-448,2010)

  19. 1 : 0.6 : 0.22 2

  20. Spin-parity Analyzer

  21. Central Diffractive Production of (Crystal Bal -1986) 3 % . (about 0.25 of all hadronic decays (CLEO-2009) FSC@LHCb ?  (Barbieri et al (1979), NRQCD ) Suppressed non-resonant background

  22. 1 : 0.03 : 0.08

  23. KKMR-03 Very topical for STAR@RHIC forthcoming measurements with tagged forward protons KRYSTHAL coll. arXiv: 01011.0680

  24. KHRYSTHAL-2010

  25. Can Central Diffraction be measured at the LHC (without proton taggers) ?

  26. ( Alice is installing counters )

  27. CMS NOTE-2010/015 Ask approval from CMS MB for Jan-Feb 2011 installation. Most value is 2011 running & when <n/x> < ~ 5 (Do not expect to use > 2012)

  28. , KK, , New STAR@RHIC results on CEP with tagged forward protons soon to come. Prospects of CDP studies at ALICE & LHCb

  29. UNCERTAINTIES Known Unknowns N(N)LO- radiative effects (K-factors etc..) ‘…possible inadequancy of PT theory in s …’R.Barbieri et al-1980 ‘ ‘Right’ choice of gluon densities, in particular at so low scales as in the case ( potentiality of a factor of ~3 rise for the H-case ) . Complete model for calculation of enhanced absorption. -experimental widths, decays…     Unknown Unknowns Non- pQCD effects in the meson characteristics. Currently no complete description of heavy quarkonium characteristics. ‘Two gluon width does not tell the whole story.’   Gluons at so low scales, surprises are not excluded at all. Factor of 5 up or down 44

  30. JINST-09

  31. Semi-enhanced hard rescattering and soft-hard factorization “enhanced” correction to sH(excl)? enhanced absorption, discussed first KKMR-01 in the diffractive dijet context Bartels,Bondarenko,Kutak,Motyka-06 used pert.thy.corrn could be large and s H(excl) modified ? KMR-00(07): use 2(3)-channel eikonal + ‘soft’ enhanced contributions

  32. 2. pp  p+H+p SM MH=120 GeV LHC=14 TeV eikonal screening H Base value: s = 2.5 fb update -45% adjust c in upper limit 1 - kt/(cMH+kt) of z integration of Sudakov factor to reproduce one-loop result. Find c=1(Coughlin, KMR09), and not 0.62 (KKMR04) -25% if enhanced screening included (KMR-0812.2413) +20% due to NLO unintegrated gluon (MRWatt-0909.5529) +20% connected with self-energy insertions in propagator of screening gluon(Ryskin et al.) see later PS Recall factor 3 uncertainty PPS Remember SUSY Higgs can be greatly enhanced