unit 7 will people have robots n.
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Unit 7 Will people have robots? PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 7 Will people have robots?

Unit 7 Will people have robots?

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Unit 7 Will people have robots?

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  1. Unit 7 Will people have robots? Period 4 Section B 3a-Self check

  2. Read Jill’s answer to the question” what will your life be like in the future?” Fill in the blanks with the following words. 3a meet work live look keep wear more less fewer take In 20 years, I think I’ll be a newspaper reporter. I’ll _____in Shanghai, because there will be______ jobs in that city. As a reporter, I think I will _____ lots of interesting people, so I’ll have more friends. live more meet

  3. I’ll have _______ pets, though, because I’ll have _____ free time. And my apartment will be no good for pets because it’ll be too small. So I’ll probably just ____a bird. During the week, I’ll____ smart clothes. On the weekend, I’ll____ less smart but I’ll be more comfortable. In the future, people will ____more so they’ll probably have fewer vacations, but I think I’ll _____ a holiday in Hong kong when possible. One day I’ll even go to Australia. fewer less keep wear look work take

  4. Explanation So I’ll probably just keep a bird. keep: v. “保持; 维持; 喂养” 1) keep+ sb. / sth. +形容词 “使某人/某物……” e.g. The job kept them busy for a year. 2) keep+形容词 “保持” e.g. The man ran up and down to keep warm. 3) keep + sb. / sth. doing “让某人/某物继续做某事” e.g. She kept us waiting for her at the station for an hour. 4) keep+ doing “继续做, 坚持做” e.g. He kept running after her, trying to catch her.

  5. What will you be in 10 years ? I will be a … Where will you work?I will work in….. computer programmer basketballplayer airlinepilot actor engineer teacher

  6. Make predictions: How will you be different in the future? Maybe 20 years from now? I will be more beautiful. I will have lots of money. I won’t go to school. I will have a big house. ……

  7. Write a short passage about yourself. Fiveyearsago, I was in primary school, I played football with classmates after class, and I had a dog. Now I’m a middle school student, I like playing tennis. I am good at English and I have good grades. Infiveyears, I willbe a doctor, I will make much money, and I will travel around the world. I will play the guitar. I will have a car. five years ago now infiveyears

  8. Complete the chart about your life 20 years from now. You can add more items. 3b Super policeman In America attend a dancing party, travel A famous singer

  9. Write about your life 20 years from now. Use 3a and 3b to help you. 3c In 20 years, I think I’ll be a super policeman. I’ll live in America, because there will be more joys in that city. As a super policeman, I think I will catch many bad guys(坏人), so I’ll help keep the city peaceful. And in my free time, I’ll attend all kinds of dancing balls, so that I can make a lot of friends. In addition,(另外)I want to take a holiday to travel around the world. Every time when I get home, my neighborhood Coco will sing for me. I like this kind of life.

  10. Group work 4 Discuss how you think a robot will help students with schoolwork in the future. Write down your group’s ideas and draw a picture of your robot. 1.I think students won’t need dictionaries because a robot will tell them the meanings of words.

  11. Sample: 1. I think students won’t need to go to school, because their robots can teach them at home. 2. I think students won’t need to write their homework on paper but on computer, and robots will help students to correct the homework.

  12. Put the words in the correct columns in the chart. 1 job people pollution robot money fresh water paper planet car tree clean air city free time building

  13. Fill in the blanks in the conversation. Girl: Mom, what will the future like? Mom: Well, nobody knows what the future will be . Girl: But I be beautiful like you? I be a pilot? I want to fly up into the sky. 2 be like will Will

  14. Mom: You’re already beautiful. And you should study hard. Then you be a pilot. Girl: Ok, I must study harder then. Mom: But you should also remember that will both good and bad things in life. Girl: Oh, but I’m not scared, Mom, because you be here to help me! will there be will

  15. Pronunciation

  16. 单项选择 1.The next time you see Nikos, he _____ sixteen years old.  A. will be    B. is    C. was    D. will  2.Margot_______computer science last year.  A. studies         B. studied  C. will study       D. is studying         3.In ten years, John_______ an astronaut.  A. is     B. will be   C. was    D. will   A B B

  17. 4. How many people_____ there  fifty years ago.   A. will     B. were    C. are    D. will be  5. In AD 20 000,what_______the world be like?   A. is      B. will    C. was     D. are  6.There is_______ meat but_______ cakes on  the plate. Please have one.  A. a little; a few       B. a few; a little  C. few; little        D. little; a few D B D

  18. 7.There is very _______on this street.  A. few traffics        B. little traffics  C. few traffic        D. little traffic       8.What is your favorite 21st century prediction?  —I predict there will be _______leisure time.   A. many      B. few  C. fewer      D. less         D D

  19. 9. In the future people will live _____ 100 years old. A. / B. to C. for D. to be 10. I think _______ be more tall buildings and cars in five years. A. there are B. there is C. there will D. there 11. Kids _____ go to school in the future. A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. wouldn’t D C C

  20. 12. Will there be _____ money in 100 years? A. some paper B. any paper C. many paper D. any papers 13. They will study at home ____ computers. A. in C.on D.from 14. I will live in an apartment _____ my best friends. A. with C. in D. for 15. She will have many _____ of goldfish. A. different kind B. different kinds C. difference kind D. differences kinds B C A B

  21. 16. Are you _____ your winter holiday next week? A. going to have B. will have C. had D. have 17. Do you often ______ from your parents? A. heard B. hears C. to hear D. hear 18. _____ Lucy _____ her homework in her room now? A. Is, doing B. Does, do C. Do, do D. Did, do 19. She dances better than Mary _______. A. is B. has C. does D. dance A D A C

  22. 20. Mary usually _____ up at five o’clock. A. will get B. got C. get D. gets 21. They _____ four English classes a week last term. A. has B. have C. had D. are having 22. A bird can ____but I can’t. A. flies B. flying C. flew D. fly 23. They ____ to see me yesterday evening. A. will come B. comes C. are coming D. came D C D D

  23. 24. We’re moving to a different town ____. A. the day before yesterday B. last Sunday C. the day after tomorrow D. a week ago 25. Look! The monkeys _____ the tree. A. climb B. are climbing C. is climbing D. were climbing 26. When _____ you ____ to Australia? Next Monday. A. did, fly B. will, fly C. are, fly D. do, fly 27. Which team _____the next football match? A. wins B. won C. will win D. win C B B C

  24. 1. We plant trees every year, there will be _____ trees. 2. If we waste water, there will be _____ water. 3. If every family has a baby, there will be _____ people. 4. I think English is _________ popular than Chinese. 5. There will be ______ robots everywhere, and humans will have _____ work to do. 6. There will be _____ free time when people retire. 用more, less, fewer 填空 more less more less/more more less more

  25. 1. I _________ (visit) my uncle tomorrow. 2. There _______ (be) a football match in our school next week. 3. He __________ (help) you with your English this evening. 4. They _________(play) soccer if it doesn’t rain. 5. We _________ (have) a meeting tomorrow. 用一般将来时填空。(借助will) willvisit willbe willhelp willplay willhave

  26. 1. 你认为人们的家里会有机器人吗? Do ______ ______ there will be robots _____ ___________ homes? 2. 人们将活到150岁。 People ______ _____ _____ _____150 years old. 3. 我认为她会当医生。 I think she ______ ____ a doctor. 翻译句子 you think inpeople’s will live to be willbe

  27. 4. 你住哪儿? 我住在北京。 ______ _____ _____ ______? I live in Beijing. 5.他反复看她的来信。 He read her letter ____ ____ ____ _______. 6.等了很长一段时间后他厌烦了。 He _____ _______ after he waited for long. Wheredoyou live overandoveragain gotbored

  28. 完成句子 1.凯蒂不能参加运动会了。 Kitty ____ ______ ________ ______take part in the sports meeting. 2. 昨天有好几百人来我们学校参观。 ______ ___ people came to visit our school yesterday. 3. 彼得在上海找到了一份工作,他不得不在那里独自 生活。Peter finds a job in Shanghai, so he has to _____there_______. is not able to Hundreds of live alone

  29. 4. 我们家乡的污染没有以前严重了。 There is _____ ___________ in our hometown than before. 5. 十年后你会是什么样子? How ____ ____ __ ______ in ten years? less pollution Will you be like

  30. 句型转换 • The students of Class 2 will see the animals at • the zoo this Sunday afternoon. (变否定句) • The students of Class 2 ________ ______ • the animals at the zoo this Sunday afternoon. • 2. The little girl fell off her bike yesterday. • (就划线部分提问) • ________ _____ the little girl _______ • off her bike? won’tsee Whendid fall

  31. 3. I think there will be more pollution.(改为否定句) I ______ think there ______ be more pollution. 4. He will have a good time. (先改为否定句,再改为 一般疑问句) He _____ _____ a good time. _____ he _____ a good time? 5. Mary will get home at nine this evening. (划 线部分提问) ______ ______ Mary get home? don’t will won’t have Will have When will

  32. 6. My aunt hates keeping a pet dog. (变同义句) My aunt _______ _____ _____ _______ a pet parrot. 7. I have more apples than Lily. (变同义句) Lily ______ ________ apples than I. doesn’t like to keep hasfewer

  33. 汉译英: • 明天我们学校将有足球赛,我准备去看。 • 我打算和李明一起复习功课。 • 将来每人都会有一台电脑。 • 妹妹在做饭,今晚他要把他带到晚会上去。 • 我理想的学校有宽大的教师和图书馆。 • 学生将在电脑上和老师对话。 • 将来有学校吗?不, 没有。 • 我们将使用因特网在家学习。

  34. Translation • Tomorrow will be a football match in our school. I’m going to watch it. • 2. I will revise lessons with Li Ming. • 3. Everyone will have a computer in the future. • 4. My sister is cooking, she will take the food to • the party this evening. • 5. My dream school will have big classrooms and • libraries. 6. Students will talk to their teachers on the computers. 7. Will there be schools in the future? --No, there won’t. 8. We will use the internet to study at home.

  35. Dear robot scientist, I am a student from No.52 Middle School. ________ ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _____________________________. Yours