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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PowerPoint Presentation
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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  1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Kaylyn WernitznigCourtney BrammerAustin Passaro Robbie Szymczak

  2. We chose this movie because the relationship between Harry Potter & Dumbledore and how Dumbledore transforms Harry into a leader. It shows a significant leader-follower relationship and how a leader can be a follower and a follower can be a leader. • Followers can become leaders. Why The Half Blood Prince ?

  3. 1. Sorcerer’s Stone: Harry enters the wizarding world as an orphan living with his aunt and uncle and is destined to become a great wizard; first run-in with Voldemort. • 2. Chamber of Secrets: Harry finds Voldemort’s diary and Ginny Weasley is possessed; Second run-in with Voldemort. • 3. Prisoner of Azkaban: Harry meets his god-father Sirius Black, his only family in the wizarding world (a supposed murder) Harry is convinced of his innocence and frees him before he has his soul sucked out of him. • 4. Goblet of Fire: Harry enters the Tri-Wizard tournament; almost killed on many instances; Voldemort comes back to power with the unwilling help of Harry. • 5. Order of the Phoenix: The OOTP fights against Voldemort rising back to power; Harry learns of the prophecy between him and Voldemort; Sirius dies; Dumbledore fights Voldemort & the ministry is finally convinced he is back. • 6. Half Blood Prince: Dumbledore and Harry investigate Tom Riddle’s (Voldemort) past; Mission of destroying Horcruxes; Dumbledore dies. Background

  4. They set off on a mission in which Dumbledore prepares Harry to be the leader. Dumbledore explains to Harry that he must do whatever he says and follow suit. • Be looking out for.. • Dumbledore’s referent power • Dumbledore & Harry’s Leader-Follower relationship • Harry as both a leader and a follower Scene 1: The Cave

  5. So, what did you see? Scene 1: The Cave

  6. What we saw… • Harry’s respect for Dumbledore; Referent power. • Does what Dumbledore says even though he is skeptical. • Dumbledore is a transformational leader – both of their lives are changed by this event. • Harry steps out of his followership to become a leader; he is a yes-person. • Dumbledore is also an example of a Path-Goal leader. He is directive with his instructions before going to the cave; Harry must do whatever he is told, point-blank. He is supportive of Harry because he is consistently encouraging of Harry and has been throughout the series. He is participativein this scene in particular because he relies tremendously of Harry to help him succeed in getting the Horcrux. He is extremely achievement-oriented because of the expectations he holds for young harry, an orphan who’s life goal is to basically put an end to Voldemort and save the wizarding world. Scene 1: The Cave

  7. Be looking out for… • Servant Leadership qualities • What roles Harry takes on Scene 2

  8. So, what did you see? Scene 2

  9. What we saw - • Dumbledore is a Servant Leader: • He is willing to sacrifice himself displaying his sense of calling. • Dumbledore also exemplifies foresight because he knows Harry’s potential. • Dumbledore also uses stewardship because he is trying to transform Harry into the “hero”. • In this clip, Harry has been transformed by Dumbledore’s leadership because now he is responsible for taking care of Dumbledore. Scene 2

  10. People that we respect hold a lot of power over us. We will do what we’re told to do if said person we respect genuinely needs the help of a follower. • For example our parents – if they ask us to do something important, we generally will do the task (because we know the consequences if we don’t!) • Teachers: do exactly what is asked of us because we know that they hold more knowledge than the student. Scene 1 & 2; Real Life Application

  11. Dumbledore and Harry have an obvious leader-follower relationship. But in Dumbledore’s time of need, Harry uses both his excellent follower and growing leadership skills to step up as the leader. Overview