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DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. IS NOW. What is CIW [Certified Internet Webmaster]. Industry standard Internet Technology certification program CIW focus on Internet job skills such as web design, development, administration and security

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    2. What is CIW [Certified Internet Webmaster] • Industry standard Internet Technology certification program • CIW focus on Internet job skills such as web design, development, administration and security • CIW certifications maps to IT Skills and knowledge by the job roles most common in today's workplace • CIW helps students and professionals in pursuing educational and workplace opportunities • CIW has already issued more that 80,000 certifications worldwide • CIW is one of the fastest growing Certification program • CIW is accepted and endorsed by governments, employers and academic institutions • CIW is owned and managed by a leading provider of ICT Prosoft Learning Corporation

    3. The CIW Advisory Council • A team of educators, blue chip corporations, policymakers and nonprofit organizations • Determines the architecture and skills objectives of CIW. • The Council adheres to international standard processes and uses the IT job cluster

    4. CIW Authorized Academic Partner (AAP) program • The CIW AAP program allows qualified learning institutions • To designate themselves and courses they offer as CIW-authorized. • CIW AAP program gain access to a number of benefits like listing on the • CIW Web site, marketing materials, CIW logos, professional development • and instructor support. • CIW AAP adhere to high standards for training facilities • CIW use official CIW Curriculum and materials. • CIW APP use CIW Certified Instructors (CIs) to teach CIW courses

    5. CIW AAP responsibilities Ensuring student satisfaction, using high-quality training and sufficient quality measures Managing and scheduling CIW courses at their institutions Registering students and providing and maintaining learning facilities Adhering to the CIW program requirement that CIW CIs teach authorized CIW courses. Ordering and using only Official CIW Curriculum or products in class Complying with CIW, CIW AAP and CIW CI program requirements and policies. Issuing a completion certificate to each student who completes a CIW course.

    6. CIW Program

    7. CIW Program

    8. CIW Program

    9. CIW Program

    10. CIW AAP Benefits Online Academic Community — Enjoy a wide range of online information and tools that will help you maximize success with the CIW program. Through this program, members can deliver official CIW exams at a reduced cost in their classrooms. As a CIW AAP, you will have access to current Official CIW Curriculum through CIW AAP Provide CIW instructor-led training classes feature lectures, hands-on labs and supplemental materials that help students learn quickly and effectively.

    11. CIW Certified Testing Center (CTC): Certification testing in your classroom Reduced exam costs The ability to deliver CIW certification exams conveniently in your own classroom The ability to take exams in a familiar setting The ability to earn certification quickly The ability to use CIW certification exams as final examinations Immediate access to student exam scores

    12. CIW Certificate After a candidate passes the necessary exam(s) Student must log on to the CIW Candidate Information Center and complete the CIW Certification Agreement. Certification will not be awarded until this step is completed. After the Agreement has been completed, certificates will be mailed within one week.

    13. Offered by the Department of Information Technology For more details and registration contact : Mr. Zaheeruddin Ahmed Sr. Lecturer, Department of Information Technology ManipalUnivesity – Dubai Campus – U.A.E 050 5955214