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Paragraphs. Elementary/Middle School vs. High School. Elementary School Paragraph. My name is Ms. Mann. I have a lot of rules. You need to learn them. I like all of the rules. Middle School Paragraph.

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Elementary/Middle School vs. High School

elementary school paragraph
Elementary School Paragraph

My name is Ms. Mann.

I have a lot of rules.

You need to learn them.

I like all of the rules.

middle school paragraph
Middle School Paragraph

If I had to add or delete one rule, I would add that I could bring my dog to school. I have a pet dog named Scarlet. The syllabus doesn’t say anything about pets. Pets are cool. That’s what I would say.

high school paragraph 8 sent
High School Paragraph (8 sent.)

The overused cliché that “rules were meant to be

broken” does not apply in this case. The multitude of rules that are enacted at Myers Park are there for a reason. For example: Why do we have to wear our name identification, or name badges? I’ve been told it’s because (1) if there is a perpetrator on campus, students and administration are be able to spot them easily. Also, (2) if a student is violating a rule (skipping, bullying, etc.), it’s also easier to identify them and report them. However, I would do away with this rule and request that we have uniforms; it’s very hard to see someone’s name in point 12 font from across the courtyard on a name badge, but a perpetrator would be easily identifiable if they were not in a school uniform. How many “bad guys” really want to buy a school uniform in order to commit crimes on campus? Yes, there might be some push-back from students that like to express their individuality, but they still have the afternoons and weekends.