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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream. By : Lathan Howe. The reason I chose ice cream. . The reason I chose ice cream is because I like ice cream. . Habitat. Cone or bowl. Health Issues. Doesn’t do good in hot weather. >. >. Pictures of ice cream. chocolate. vanilla. mint. >. superman. rainbow. >. Facts.

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ice cream

Ice Cream

By : Lathan Howe

the reason i chose ice cream
The reason I chose ice cream.
  • The reason I chose ice cream is because I like ice cream.
  • Cone or bowl
health issues
Health Issues
  • Doesn’t do good in hot weather.
pictures of ice cream



Pictures of ice cream.








  • Ice cream is the most loved dessert throughout the world,
  • It is one type of food item that we can eat even if our stomach is full,
  • To finish an ice cream cone, it takes about 50 licks,
  • The biggest ice cream sundae was made in Canada in 1988. This huge ice cream sundae weighed over 24 tons.
more facts
More Facts
  • About 98% of families that live in the United States have ice cream in their refrigerators, everyday,
  • Americans are believed to eat more ice cream than any other country in the world,
  • A National ice cream month is celebrated in United States in July,
  • Vanilla is the most favorite type of ice cream in America chocolate comes second.
even more facts
Even More Facts
  • Out of the all ice cream sold across the world, more than half is eaten by adults and not children,
  • The ice cream cone is older than your grandpas and grandmas there was a cone said to be made from a waffle, in 1904,
  • It takes about 12 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream.
even more facts1
Even More Facts
  • Ice cream contains vitamins A,B, and C,
  • Half a cup of ice cream will have about 100 calories,
  • From every half a cup of ice cream you get about 3 grams of protein,
  • You can get up to 2% of your daily sodium from half a cup of ice cream,
  • In 2007 America spent over 12 billion dollars on ice cream.
descriptive paragraph
Descriptive Paragraph

It is purple, white, and red there are words in the back ground and is smaller than the other one which one is it A or B?

websites i used
Websites I used

more websites i used
More Websites I Used

even more websites i used
Even more websites I used