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Community Resource Cultivation. Module 3. Start Where You Are. Use existing contacts, networks and resources as a starting place for developing your robotics program. Look to them for: Funding Volunteers and members Facilities Knowledgeable professionals. Recruitment.

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Start where you are
Start Where You Are

  • Use existing contacts, networks and resources as a starting place for developing your robotics program.

  • Look to them for:

    • Funding

    • Volunteers and members

    • Facilities

    • Knowledgeable professionals


  • Areas to consider when recruiting

    • youth to take part in the programs,

    • volunteers to help lead programs,

    • or recruiting supporters who will enable us to provide programs by donating funding, equipment, or other forms of assistance.

Recruitment considerations
Recruitment Considerations

Think about:

  • Youth interested in robotics

    • Strategies for recruiting more youth

  • Volunteers you already know (don’t forget about parents)

    • Strategies/resources for recruiting new volunteers

  • Technology companies

  • Power and cable companies

  • Small businesses

  • Retired professionals in your community

  • Potential partnerships and sponsors in your area

    Then look back at the first contact. Think about ways in which one contact can lead to others.

Marketing promotion outreach
Marketing, Promotion & Outreach

Effective Marketing for a Robotics Program

  • Defines a target audience

  • Makes program visible through

    • Advertising

    • Activities

    • Media

  • Providing a positive experience will build interest and commitment

Examples and templates
Examples and Templates

  • What promotional ideas were you already familiar with?

  • What promotional ideas surprised you?

  • What ideas can you see being effective in your community?

  • What do you think your role is in promoting your future robotics program?

  • Can you think of any promotional activities that would reach out to both youth and adults? What would such an activity look like?

  • What assets already exist in your program or community that can help you in promoting robotics?

  • Will any of your new contacts be able to assist you in promoting your program? How might they do this?

Elevator speeches
Elevator Speeches

What is an elevator speech?

  • It is 1‐2 minutes long.

  • It is a positive way to share your goals and get others excited about your program.

  • It is a chance to focus on the outcomes your program is targeting.

Elevator speech activity
Elevator Speech Activity

  • It may feel uncomfortable to “push” your program and ask for support from people you don’t know well, but being able to share information and imagine possible relationships is a crucial skill.

  • The funding and volunteer support you need for a robotics program, are often outside of the experiences and relationships we have in other areas of 4‐H.

Elevator speech
Elevator Speech

  • How easy or challenging was it to speak about robotics?

  • Did you enjoy the experience ‐ why or why not?

  • What could you do to make it easier to speak about robotics to new contacts?

  • How did taking time to consider your program and develop talking points affect your ability to connect with new contacts?

  • What information about your program had the greatest impact on others?

  • How will this activity influence the way you speak to potential supporters in the future?

  • What other information or assistance can I give you at this time?

Action plan update
Action Plan Update

  • What details have you resolved/found answers to?

  • What steps remain to be accomplished before you offer your first program?

  • Have you met with your local 4‐H staff to ensure that you are following all appropriate steps to form a new club?

    • (Such as registering volunteers, etc. These requirements and guidelines may vary by region/state to it is important to work with your 4‐H staff member!)

Action plan update1
Action Plan Update

  • How do you feel about the Action Plan Update you have just completed?

  • What steps are you looking forward to completing?

  • Are any of the steps causing concern for you? How can we address your concerns?

  • What new ideas or questions do you have as a result of this activity?

  • How do you think the Action Plan will help you prepare your new program?

Training discussion
Training Discussion

  • What parts of this training were surprising for you?

  • What parts of the training were challenging? Which were easy?

  • What other information do you still need?

  • What are some activities for which you will be looking for volunteer assistance?

  • What ‘next steps’ will you make as a result of this training?

  • After this training, do you feel better prepared to recruit volunteers and develop partnerships?

Closing and questions
Closing and Questions

  • Identified ongoing role in promoting your robotics program

  • Developed a support system of volunteers and community partners

  • Shared strategies for marketing

  • Resources for developing a promotional campaign

  • Updated Action Plan!

  • Questions?