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Secon d Napoleonic Empire. Thesis: the second Napoleonic empire changed the normality's of Western society by utilizing the fracturing of other empires for its own interests, disintegration of the continental alliance, and foreign interventions. Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III).

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Second Napoleonic Empire

Thesis: the second Napoleonic empire changed the normality's of Western society by utilizing the fracturing of other empires for its own interests, disintegration of the continental alliance, and foreign interventions.

Louis napoleon napoleon iii
Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III)

  • Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew

  • Reigned from 1852-1870 after the abdication of Louis Philippe and led the Coup d'Etat to overthrow Frances 2nd Republic; Created the Second Napoleonic empire

  • Led France though the Mexican Adventures, Crimean war, and the Franco-Prussian war

  • Promised “la gloire” which stated reform, prosperity and order

Economic changes
Economic Changes

  • Modernization of Paris

  • Renewal of the same economic system as in the first French Empire

  • Built the suez Canal

Political changes
Political changes

  • Extended universal suffrage

  • Wanted to keep perpetual peace

  • Dissolved the national assembly

Social changes
Social Changes

  • Brought the world fair to Paris where in which the Eiffel tower otherwise known as the ugly tower was unveiled

  • Rise of nationalism within France under Napoleon III

Crimean war
Crimean War

  • The Main immediate cause of the Crimean war was the Franco-Russian disputes over the holy places of Palestine such as Jerusalem

  • France soon took over Jerusalem and Tripoli

  • In response Russia Mobilized its Armies

  • France took upon this opportunity to finallyshatter the contential alliance that has crippled France for over half a century

  • Britain then in June of 1853 that it was worth going to war against Russia for there interests in the eastern meridian

  • The Anglo-French fleet entered in on the Dardanelles

  • Russia Responded by invading the principalities of Moldavia and Walachia

Crimean war continued
Crimean War (Continued)

  • In October of 1853 Turkey entered the war and declared war on Russia where in Which turkeys naval fleet was swiftly crushed on the cost of Sinope

  • In 1854 Turkey, France and England made a formal alliance against Russia

  • When the Russian troops crossed the Danube, the Turkish war also became a war against the European coalition.

  • In 1856 the war finally came to an end byThe Treaty of Paris

The mexican adventure
The Mexican Adventure

  • From 1861 to 1867 Napoleon engaged France in a military operation in Mexico.

    • He said that the reason he went was to collect large amounts of debt from the Mexican government, but his true purpose was to establish a French satellite state there.

    • After Napoleon collected his debt, he stayed there instead of leaving. He wanted to participate in lucrative South American Trade. He marched on to Mexico City, and prepared for battle. Napoleon soon appointed Austrian archduke Maximilian the Mexican crown.

The mexican adventure continued
The Mexican Adventure (Continued)

  • The US finished their civil war, and provided the original Mexican crown holder with weapons and supplies to take back his throne. In June 19, 1867, he did just that, executing Maximilian with a firing squad.

  • Though the French thought of themselves

    very highly Napoleon knew France would

    suffer a terrible defeat if the US openly joined

    the Juaristas (followers of the original

    crown holder) to drive out the French. 

  • Rather than fight the US, Napoleon began

    to pull out his troops after the Juaristas began

    to show they might just drive out the French

    without needing US help. This hurt

    Napoleons pride badly.  It hurt his

    reputation even worse.

Franco prussian war
Franco-Prussian war

  • The immediate cause of war was the French opposition to Prussia attempt to have a Prussian prince to assume control of the vacant Spanish monarchy.

  • Otto von Bismarck took great offense to this and provoked France to declare war on them on July 19, 1870.

  • Following this, Most of the smaller German states bound to Prussia with secret treaties declared war on France also

Franco prussian war cont
Franco-Prussian war (Cont.)

  • The French swiftly suffered several major defeats at the hands of the Prussian-German armies and there brilliant commanders

  • On September 2nd Napoleon III was surrendered and was captured at the battle of Sedan

  • Two days later a bloodless revolution took place and France removing Napoleon III from power ending the Second Napoleonic empire . It was Replaced by yet another French Republic

  • The battle of Metz dealt the final blow to France with a crushing defeat and surrender of 180,000 troops at the hands of the Prussian-German armies

  • On January 28th 1871 an armistice was signed but the war continued to drag on in minimal amounts until its end on may 10 1871 at the Treaty of Frankfurt signed at Versailles

  • The end of the Franco-Prussian war brought

    the swift end to the Second Napoleonic

    empire and Napoleon III capture and

    removal from power.




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