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DEMETRAE. GenDer GuidancE to enhance and support woMEn choices in the AgriculTuRAl fiEld: pathways and tools for Education and Vocational systems. Leonardo da Vinci Project – Transfer of Innovation AGREEMENT n° LLP-LdV-TOI-11-IT-742 CUP code :G32F11000660006. Project Duration.

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GenDer GuidancE to enhance and support woMEn choices in the AgriculTuRAl fiEld: pathways and tools for Education and Vocational systems

Leonardo da Vinci Project – Transfer of Innovation


CUP code :G32F11000660006

Project duration
Project Duration

From 1st October 2011

to 30th September 2013


DEMETRAE stems from the Project “A.G.R.O.N.O.M.A. - Analisi Generale Risorse Orientamento Nazionale Obiettivo Management Agricolo”(General Analysis of the National Vocational Guidance Resources of the Agricultural Management Objecitive)funded by National Law 10 April 1991 n. 124 – “Positive Actions for the Fulfilment of Men-Women Equality in the Labour Market”. AGRONOMA has started in 2006 promoted by CONFEDERDIA - CONFEDERAZIONE ITALIANA DEI DIRIGENTI, QUADRI E IMPIEGATI DELL’AGRICOLTURA (ITALIAN CONFEDERATION OF MANAGERS, DIRECTORS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR)

Good Practice :

CD-ROM containing vocational guidance operational tools with a gender sensitive approach and vademecum/hanbook for both teachers and boys/girls

The project what are we going to achieve
The project…what are we going to achieve?

The DEMETRAE project aims to achieve primarily a GEOGRAPHIC transfer of innovation.

Specifically, it intends to transfer the GOOD PRACTICE

  • In Italy on the whole national territory (this will be possible thanks to the network of schools associated in the consortium CONFAO)

  • At transnational level, in the partner countries: Spain, Romania, Latvia and Hungary


    • broadening and reviewing training tools in order to make the materials more appropriate to the needs of male/female teachers / guidance counselors involved in education and vocational training systems, and, following a “cascade effect”, more appropriate to the needs of boys/girls final beneficiaries of the training

    • developing the contents related to the construction of the network, meant as a place for meeting and exchanging experiences and joint projects in the local area/territory and as a place for dialoguing between the involved systems: school, vocational training and labour market;

      METHODOLOGICAL TRANSFER : introducing tools and methodologies to support a network collaborative learning and for the creation of virtual places where to find information necessary to the "first" vocational guidance of people

      LANGUAGE TRANSFER : thanks to the production of project results and products in the different partnership languages

      TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER : by providing a website, within which virtual collaborative learning places will be realized by implementing guided, coordinated and collective communication devices for a better exchange between users who benefited of the training experiences

Project objectives
Project Objectives

  • Overcoming barriers, for girls, in agricultural Vocational Education and Training, and, in general, in studies and training related to the agricultural sector

  • Overcoming the horizontal segregation of women in the agricultural labour market

  • Overcoming women’s underrepresentation in decision-making bodies and in top-responsibility positions in the agricultural sector



    VET teachers, trainers and vocational guidance operators


      students and individuals who are entering or re-entering the labour market (former school-graduates with qualifying examination for the access to the profession)

Work packages
Work Packages

  • Context analysis and Target group needs analysis

  • Analysis of the selected Best Practice

  • Product adaptation and implementation

  • Transfer of Innovation

  • Integration into VET Systems

  • Valorisation and Dissemination

Final products outcomes
Final Products/Outcomes

  • CD-ROM containing support documents and operational tools in order to implement gender-sensitive vocational guidance practices in the agro-environmental field (re-adapted best practice)

  • Teams of trained teachers/vocational guidance operators, who work in VET systems in the agricultural field, using a gender-sensitive approach. Group of male and female students who have experienced the experimentation

  • Virtual exchange places for teachers and male/female students

  • Advisory help-desk for teachers/vocational guidance operators

  • Best Practice integrated into the education and training programs of the schools, as well as of the partnership organizations/institutions and of the schools which are part of the partners networks