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Author’s name- Victor (7918033) Sabrina (7918049)

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Author’s name- Victor (7918033) Sabrina (7918049) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Lost Precious Sword. Author’s name- Victor (7918033) Sabrina (7918049) Illustrator’s name- Victor (7918033) Sabrina (7918049) The year- The year: 25 th , Dec. 2004. Timeline. Preparation classify out story into fairy tales.

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The Lost Precious Sword

  • Author’s name-Victor (7918033)

Sabrina (7918049)

  • Illustrator’s name- Victor (7918033)

Sabrina (7918049)

  • The year-The year: 25th, Dec. 2004


  • Preparation
  • classify out story into fairy tales.
  • Decide a direction that how to create a story.
  • Write a outline our story.
  • Describe the characteristic of the main roles.




1. Start to write the plot.

2. Do PowerPoint.


  • Illumination
  • To give backings.
  • Write a preface to a story. Ex. Background culture.
  • To add pictures.


  • Verification
  • Revising the content.
  • Revising PowerPoint.
  • Determine the content.
  • Checking the PowerPoint.


The teenager’s name is Lance. He is kindhearted and loves to explore.

One of the villager’s name is Oscar. He is scared easily and doesn't believe anyone.



The monster’s name is Gaby. It endangers to village. It is so short-tempered and likes to destroy everything in the world.

The grandmother’s name is Matilda. She lives alone in the mountainside. She has not laughed for a long time.



They want to help the grandmother.


Her son was eaten by monster

the lost precious sword
The Lost Precious Sword

There are many wars and pestilences happen in castle where in Europe in the century of medieval times.….. One day a teenager is walking on the street and glance at the bulletin board which says, “We need the brave man to look for the lost precious sword to rescue our country”.

Lance stands here and considers how to persuade his mother to approve this activity. After getting his mother’s agreement, he starts to prepare himself for his trip.

According to the map, he sets out on a daring adventure

by himself. First day, he comes into the village that every

villager can’t believe everyone even his family. When he

asks someone about how to get the precious sword,

everyone avoids meeting him.


Suddenly, he sees the young man with firewood on his back and seems very heavy.

As he passed by him, he hears the young man seeking for help.


After getting along with Lance for few days, he starts to believe him.

Besides, Oscar also knows that Lance is going to achieve the mission and he is glad to go with him.

Certainly, I never want to get any benefits. I just want to help you.

If you help me, you can not get any benefit.

Is anyone can help me? It’s too heavy to carry by myself.

Really? That’s okay.

Uh~~! I……

Do you have any problem?

Hey, guy. Do you need help?


When they follow her track, they find that the grand mother holds the picture.

There has a map can give you the right direction and the sword may help to fight the monster. On the way, you may get into some troubles in the future. Be careful!

Two weeks ago, he hunted in the forest and never came back. It is said that there is a monster living in the top of the mountain. There are so many villagers was eaten by it.

Thanks! We have to challenge the new mission.

my son….my son… son…..was missing.

what happened with you? Please don’t cry!

Could you tell me how to find the monster?

In this process, they overcome a lot of tough questions.

For these reasons, they become more courageous

Finally, they find the monster’s dwelling place in the end.

This matter should not be delayed. Let’s go!

When grandmother holds the picture in her hand, she cries.

The two mans feel very confused and then ask the grandmother.



I’m sorry to hear that! Maybe we should kill the infamous monster.

You intrude into my place without permission.

you don’t worry about it, grandmother. We will rescue your son.

Do you think this grandmother is strange, don’t you?

You should’t come here~~ you should’t come here~~~.

I’m sorry I just pass by.

That’s a good idea. Let’s go.

The grandmother turns around and goes home.

So do I. Why do we follow her seeking the truth?



In this process, they overcome a lot of tough questions.

For these reasons, they become more courageous.

Finally, they find the monster’s dwelling place in the end.

The monster is sleeping. “It is a good chance” Lance whispered.


During the time, they discuss the methods how to kill the monster.

Then Oscar runs behind of the monster and shouts…..

Stupid guy, you think you are so strong. I’m not afraid of you at all.

In this time the monster attacks Oscar, he forgets there has another man here.

Suddenly…. Lance pulls out his sword to slaughter the monster.

who is a blasted idiot to bother my break time?


Of course….comes on.

Do you want to try?

Oh YA…

See! You do the good job.


A magic thing happened that Lance finds the disappeared villagers in the monster tripe.

They are still alive. All the villagers are appreciated to the young men. The two young men

try to find the grandmother’s son and take him home.


Woo, I got it, but I can’t pull it out. Maybe only the brave man can own it. Do you want to try?

Following indication of the map, they walk into the muster’s cave.

Finally he pulls out the sword and rescues the country.

In order to thank for Lance, the king betroth the Princess to him.

Since then they will live happily ever after.


It would be the precious sword that we’re looking for, why not taking a look?

See, there is a light.

What’s that?

Ok. Let’s go.


References:> This site contains pictures of castle.> This site contains pictures of sword.> This site contains pictures of roles> This site contains pictures of cave.> This site contains pictures of scenery. This site contains pictures of backdrop and roles.




  • We didn't know how to
  • cut the picture.
  • School’s and home’s office
  • were different, and it made
  • us feel puzzled.

When editing the story, we started

to do the PowerPoint. The first

problem was that it was so difficult

to cut the pictures. We found it again

and again, but we still didn't solve the

problem. Finally, we asked our classmate

what to do it. Then we got the way to

solve it.

I just spent a lot of time to finish

it in school.



When I started to create the story, I tried to recall all fairy tales I read in my childhood. Then I combined several characters to create my roles and actions. My partner and I had been discussed many times and provided more inspiration to write it.


Tips for create story writing

  • If you read a lot of stories, you would get more inspiration and know how to write and create a story.
  • You also can use your life experience to rewrite a story.
  • When you haven’t no ideas to continue your writing, you can stop thinking and go out to find inspiration.