Psi nahmma seattle wa june 4 2009
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PSI & NAHMMA Seattle, WA June 4, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PSI & NAHMMA Seattle, WA June 4, 2009. How to Start a Business AssistanceProgram. Julia McHugh HWTR Ecology Local Source Control Program [email protected] First Things First P R O G R A M H I S T O R Y.

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Psi nahmma seattle wa june 4 2009
PSI & NAHMMA Seattle, WA June 4, 2009

How to Start a Business AssistanceProgram

Julia McHugh

HWTR Ecology

Local Source Control Program

[email protected]

First things first p r o g r a m h i s t o r y
First Things FirstP R O G R A M H I S T O R Y

  • Through significant scientific & other observations, recognition of the deep distress of Washington state’s urban waters.

  • Discussion begins 2005, results in state legislature allocating $2.2M for 2007-09 startup of Local Source Control Partnership, one aspect of overall Urban Waters Initiative.

First things first p r o g r a m h i s t o r y1
First Things FirstP R O G R A M H I S T O R Y

  • Ecology - HWTR team forms to begin gestation of new program, including

    Urban Waters & Environmental Results Pilot Project

Partner jurisdictions1
Partner Jurisdictions

City of Bellevue City of Bellingham

Clallam County City of Issaquah

Jefferson County King County Public Health

King County Water & Land

Kitsap County Health

Kitsap County Public Works San Juan County Seattle Public Utilities

Skagit County Public Health

Snohomish County Health Spokane Regional Health

Tacoma Pierce County Health

Whatcom County Health (18.5 FTEs)

The shape of a program 1668 1789 4 king louis emperor napoleon
The Shape of a Program(1668 - 1789)4 King Louis + Emperor Napoleon

3 rd party business lists tips ideas
3rd Party Business ListsTips & Ideas

  • Check currency/accuracy of ALL 3rd party information  

  • Collaborate to identify/determine TARGET business sectors

  •  Provide guidance sector NAICS codes; Jurisdiction compiles list

  • Revise for upcoming sectors, i.e. Abandoned, Bankrupt, Contaminated sites

  • Avoid unless sample lists & time to verify

  • Target sectors – combine overall contaminant priorities & local sectors

  • Resources: ReferenceUSA;; Regional Reference Librarian; Polk Directory; Phone book

  • Market conditions driving need

Database site visit checklist tips ideas
Database & Site Visit ChecklistTips & Ideas

  • Unless designed for such use, do not expect checklist to serve too many purposes

  • If external users, ensure system accessibility – security firewalls can also prevent legitimate intentions

  • Reality check / field test with checklist users

  • Predetermine types and reasons for data, incl. Program Metrics

  • Automate, automate, automate

  • Separate & shorten – PreVisit site data & contact info; individual single page checklists for specific sectors

  • Web-based application to eliminate access problems

  • Avoid multiple data entry events, avoid aggravating business owners w/ lengthy checklist

  • Field-enter data into handheld device & download

  • Link to GIS applications for overlay possibilities & view spatial relationships: business type:contaminants:basin/sub basin issues

Program measurements tips ideas
Program MeasurementsTips & Ideas

  • Hard Results from database – types of businesses => waste types & quantities

  • Soft Results from Monthly Reports – e.g. internal/external collaboration, spill kits/vouchers distributed, specific solution to specific business waste problem, connections to local business associations, industry associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

  • Provide BMPs specific to industry

  • Extends awareness and reach of technical assistance, builds program credibility within jurisdiction, establishes LSCS as local go-to for waste management assistance

Technical training tips ideas
Technical TrainingTips & Ideas

  • Multimedia waste information specific to each sector - Impossible to meet all training needs

  • Provide General Waste Designation regs & practices and provide training for top sectors

  • Survey for sector priorities

  • I.D. people w/sector expertise

  • Locate existing prepared training resources

  • Establish e-Library

  • All partners contribute towards setting topic, agenda, guest speakers, all other resources & event planning & hosting

  • Webinar format reaches largest number of people in unlimited # of locations

  • SharePoint site

Group resources references tips ideas
Group Resources & ReferencesTips & Ideas

  • SharePoint for all to access

  • Requires users to contribute & scrutinize

  • Multiple contributors => can become hard to negotiate & locate materials

  • Requires organization & maintenance of information submitted

  • Consult a librarian at the outset; set up organization protocol

Ta vs compliance white hat black hat tips ideas
TA vs. Compliance: White Hat / Black HatTips & Ideas

  • Separate completely – strictly author’s opinion

  • Prioritize to solve local problems locally

  • Establish direct connections to all local resources: Solid waste, Storm water, Wastewater, Air authorities

  • Avoid conflicting role for staff & maintain long-term credibility w/in local business community

  • All partners contribute towards creation of Contact & Referral Guide listing local, regional, state and federal media contacts

  • Guide requires annual updating maintenance

Reality checking tips ideas
Reality CheckingTips & Ideas

  • Survey Partners

  • Survey Businesses served

  • Data Analysis

  • Co-create survey w/ partners, make responses anonymous, use service i.e. Survey Monkey, distribute results to all

  • Are the LSCS effective in TA delivery? How to better serve business & positively affect bottom line? Source of industry trends information?

  • Particular sector(s) in distress (those referred for corrective action); checklist data being collected? Waste management trends evident?

New partners program growth tips ideas
New Partners & Program GrowthTips & Ideas

Inability to take on new partners immediately due to funding allocation & biennium schedule

  • Make program resources available, invite to technical trainings

  • Lobby Ecology & state legislators to expand program

How we re doing
How We’re Doing

Within the last 13 months,

the Local Source Control Specialists

have completed 2,247 site visits, return site visits, &

ERP Auto Body pilot visits to small businesses

surrounding Puget Sound and within the

Spokane River Watershed.

This is 110% of the contracted target amount,

delivered 5 months early.

This is a team to join.