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make the right choice

make the right choice. w hich is right , which is wrong ?. pat-down. an act or instance of passing the hands over the body of a clothed person to detect concealed weapons , drugs , etc ; Frisking .

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make the right choice

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  1. make the right choice whichisright, whichiswrong?

  2. pat-down • an actorinstance of passing the handsover the body of a clothed person to detectconcealedweapons, drugs, etc; Frisking. • an actorinstance of puttingcrumblyitemsorfragileobjectscarefully on the groundor in a lowerposition

  3. bingedrinking • heavy episodicdrinking- the modern epithet for drinkingalcoholicbeverages with the primaryintention of becomingintoxicated by heavy consumption of alcoholover a short period of time. • the act of consumingwateror a beveragethroughthe mouth in substantialamountsat a time. Waterisrequired for many of life’sphysiologicalprocesses.

  4. silverbullet • any straightforwardsolutionperceived to haveextremeeffectiveness. • any straightforwardsolutionperceived to haveextremenegativeconsequences.

  5. stealthtax • a taxlevied in such a waythatislargelyunnoticed, or not recognized as a tax. • doubletaxationput on legalentitieswhen in doubt as to theirhonesty .

  6. Answers: • Allfirstideasarecorrect ! 

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