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Wireless Alarm System Malaysia PowerPoint Presentation
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Wireless Alarm System Malaysia

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Wireless Alarm System Malaysia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wireless Alarm System Malaysia

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  1. Protecting national post, country borders, bases, security checkpoints, airports, homeland security is a vital part to daily life here on Earth. Every country faces the threat of emanate attack from it’s aggressors, instead of having troops as the only measure of security, security cameras now can take surveillance to a whole different level. With technology advancing and cost becoming more reasonable, we will see the birth of artificial intelligence integrated with various security cameras and the security digital video recorder software that instructs them.

  2. Security and Safety – Two critical areas in the Healthcare industry that may not receive the emphasis and attention they require. At Salient Systems we understand the overall quality of healthcare services is directly related to providing a safe and secure environment. • Newborn and Infant Security • Nursing Staff Safety • Patient Care and Visitor Safety • Protection of Property • Protection of Assets • Prevention of Crime

  3. The primary use of CCTV systems is the surveillance of commercial and domestic property. The use of CCTV systems has been increased and nowadays they are used to record sports activities, bird watching, monitoring industrial production and monitoring medical procedures. Before the invention of CCTV security systems, people were using security alarms. These alarms have been an essential part of many homes and offices. However, people are now using the CCTV systems as they are better than the security alarms.

  4. Oil and gas are still important energy sources and are hard to replace, especially for mobile applications. Since it is only in the rarest cases that the raw materials are used in the same place where they are found, they have to be transported, usually through pipeline systems. From the points of extraction to land (onshore) or water (offshore), the fuels are often transported across long distances to the buyer or processor. The compressors or pumping stations along the transport route ensure the necessary pressure is maintained in the pipeline. The plants are usually controlled from a central control station.

  5. The use of MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) cameras on residential properties is becoming increasingly common, which can be worrying if you feel that your privacy is being threatened. There is an exemption for domestic or Residential processing of personal information, as long as this does not involve putting personal information on a website or making it available to the world at large in another way without good reason. This means that if a MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) camera mounted in your neighbor’s property is overlooking your land, it is unlikely that they will be breaching the Data Protection Act. However, they may be breaching other legislation such as the law about harassment or voyeurism, and so may be subject to investigation by another body, such as the police.

  6. Maha Asia provides security consultancy and solutions to corporate entities concerned about protecting themselves from the high security risks. At Maha Asia, we are continuously upgrading ourselves with the latest development in the security industry to make improve the quality of our service to our clientele.

  7. MAHA ASIA SECURITY CONSULTANCY: In today’s ever increasing crime rate within the public and private sectors, large and small firms are discovering the necessity to secure their stuffs and investments with security devices. The security devices are used to monitoring the premises. The security industry is largely being considered as the backbone that will ensure continual survival of corporate entities. Furthermore, it helps to secure your peace of mind. Together with the expansion various security devices like the CCTV systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems are expanding at a rapid rate. These security installations may ultimately be the deciding factor of ‘Business Survival’ for many people.