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SAP Fico training | SAP FICO Course | SAP Fico Online CLASS PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP Fico training | SAP FICO Course | SAP Fico Online CLASS

SAP Fico training | SAP FICO Course | SAP Fico Online CLASS

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SAP Fico training | SAP FICO Course | SAP Fico Online CLASS

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  1. SAP Fico training | SAP FICO Course | SAP Fico Online CLASSES Contact us: Call: +919052666559,9052666558 www.

  2. Sap Fico online training Highlights in our training service: • Every faculty has Real Time Experience. Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc. • We are providing best online training on SAP FICO • We offer investment options to our students, if necessary. • Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Team viewer, WebEx . Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview Questions. • Resume built in best corporate standards according to the job description. We will market the resume for top technology countries. After each week a status exam is conducted. www.

  3. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING IN INDIA SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING One of the foremost and spicy modules of SAP is (FICO) or Financials and controlling module. Lots of users value more highly to dive into the venture for obtaining SAP FICO online training completely. This is often splendidly accepted as an awfully hot and spicy section of SAP and many learners value more highly to endure its technical training. It covers the best technical aspects i.e. Book keeping and management of your business. Lots of organizations are conducting crash SAP FICO training courses to coach their staff. www.

  4. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Introduction to SAP FICO SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is also called ERP software or ERP package. ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. It is the process of planning for the effective utilizations of the available resources of the company to maximize the profits. Every company will have the following resources. 1. Men 2. Materials 3. Machines 4. Money. www.

  5. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING IN PUNE These are the natural resources and they are not available to the companies plenty. So with the limited resources they want to maximize the profits. For this purpose the company has to plan the utilizations of these resources in such a way that the profits are maximized. So the concept of ERP covers the techniques and procedures which help the business organization to maximize the profits by enabling them to utilize the available resources in the most effective manner. www.

  6. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING IN BANGLORE Benefits ERP systems:- 1. It eliminates the data redundancy (it eliminates the data duplication) 2. All the data is available in the common or central data base 3. Data is updated and available in real time • One point entry of data: when the data is entered in one department of the organization , then it will update the relevant data in other departments of the organization. • Best business practices . • Modular system: the separate software are available within same ERP product to manage different departments in the organization. www.

  7. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING AND PLACEMENT 7. Can be implemented only in the required functions or departments 8. Others modules can be integrated later. 9. Mangers can utilize their time in analysis and spend less time in co-ordination effort. 10. It improves the customer satisfaction and quality of the customer service 11. It reduces the idle time 12. We can deal with the multiple languages and currencies. www.

  8. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING AND MATERIAL List of ERP soft wares:- 1. SAP 2. ORACLE 3. BAAN 4. JD EDWORD 5. PEOPLESOFT • MISCROSOT DYNAMICS etc. The ORACLE is specialized in the management of finance department. BAAN is specialized in the management of production department. www.

  9. SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING INSTITUTES SAP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:- The sap software was developed by a German company SAP.AG. it was established in the year 1972. Its head quarters are at Waldorf, Germany. · In 1972 the company has developed the product called SAP R/1 SUITE · In 1988 the company has developed the product called SAP R/2 SUITE · In 1995 the company has developed the product called SAP R/3 SUITE. “R” stands for the real time data processing. Real time data processing means, when we process the data elements, the related data base is instantly updated. www.

  10. SAP FICO TRAINING-TUTORIALS “3” stands for three tier architecture. It refers to the levels of hardware set up we require to use the SAP ERP software. Under the three tier architecture the following three layers are available. 1. Data base server layer 2. Application server layer 3. Cient / presentation server layer. Data base server layer: it is the computer system in which the data base is organized or hosted. The data base is managed on the principles of Related Data Base Management systems. Ex: ORACLE, SQL SERVER ETC. www.

  11. SAP FICO COURSE DETAILS Co stands for controlling (Cost accounting). Using this component we can provide the information to the middle level management (to analyze the performance) and to the top level management ( to assist in the strategic decision making). The following are the sub modules in controlling component. 1. Cost element accounting 2. Cost center accounting 3. Internal order accounting 4. Profit center accounting 5. Profitability analysis 6. Product costing. www.

  12. SAP FICO TRAINING • Full course details please visit our website • • Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and • special care will be taken. It is a one to one training • with hands on experience. • Resume preparation and Interview assistance will • be provided. • For any further details please contact • +91-9052666559 or visit • • Please mail us all queries to • www.