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sap is utilities online training

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sap is utilities online training

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  1. Sap is utilities training Contact Address: Magnific IT Consulting INDIA:+91-9985201444,8143070707 USA:+1-678-693-39994,678-693-3475

  2. Sap is utilities training Course Syllabus: 1. Utilities Industry Overview 1.1. De-Regulatory Market 1.2. Unbundling

  3. Sap is utilities training 2. Introduction to SAP IS-U 2.1. SAP R/3 Overview 2.2. Extended R/3 Integration Model & SAP ISU 2.3. SAP IS Utilities components 2.4. ISU/CCS Integration Model 2.5. Relation between R/3 and ISU Components 2.6. Typical ISU Scenario

  4. Sap is utilities training 3. Regional Structures 3.1. Purpose of regional structure 3.2. Postal Regional structure 3.3. Political Regional structure 3.4. Company Regional structure 3.5. Portions & Meter reading Units 3.6. Scheduling tasks 3.7. Dependencies of Regional structures

  5. Sap is utilities training 4. ISU Master data 4.1. Introduction to Master data 4.2. Business Master data 4.2.1. Business Partner 4.2.2. Contract account 4.2.3. Contract 4.2.4. System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3 4.2.5. Creation of Business master data

  6. Sap is utilities training 4.3. Technical Master data 4.3.1. Connection Object 4.3.2. Premise 4.3.3. Installation 4.3.4. System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3 4.3.5. Creation of Technical master data

  7. Sap is utilities training 5. Move-in & Move-out 5.1. Move-in Introduction 5.2. Move-in Business scenario 5.3. Move-in Processing 5.4. Changes to contract data during Move-in 5.5. Allocation of Contract to installation 5.6. Installation History 5.7. System Configurations @ SAP IS-U

  8. Sap is utilities training 6. Device Technology (Device management) 6.1. Device Category & Device 6.2. Device management Overview 6.3. Integration with Logistics 6.4. Register & Register data 6.5. Modeling of devices 6.6. Device Inspection and certification

  9. Sap is utilities training 7. Installations & Order processing 7.1. Installation Overview 7.2. The Installation service process 7.3. Installation services 7.4. Service processing 7.5. Periodic Device replacement 7.5.1. Replacement of a meter 7.5.2. Reversal of Removal

  10. Sap is utilities training 7.6. Business scenario: Replacement of sample device 7.6.1. Generation of service order 7.6.2. Executing the service order 7.6.3. Determining the Device location 7.6.4. Device Location & data

  11. Sap is utilities training 8. Overview of Technical Objects 8.1. Relationship between Technical objects 8.2. Service order execution steps 8.3. Technical installation structure 8.3.1. Example of installation structure 8.3.2. Billing related process & data entry 8.4. Device History 8.5. Device life cycle

  12. Sap is utilities training 9. Meter reading Overview 9.1. Meter Reading introduction 9.2. Types of Meter reading 9.3. Meter Reading Organization (Street route) 9.4. Creating Meter reading orders 9.5. Validating Meter reading results 9.5.1. Monitoring meter reading results 9.5.2. Reversing Meter reading orders

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