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sap hr online training in usa PowerPoint Presentation
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sap hr online training in usa

sap hr online training in usa

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sap hr online training in usa

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  1. Corporate Training CONTACT US MAGNIFIC TRAINING Call:+91-9052666559 ,9052666558 +1-6786933994, +1-6786933475 SAP HR Online Training INDIA Mail: info@magnifictraining.comVisit:

  2. SAP HR Online Training Course Overview: SAP HR or Human Resources deals with the entire formalities from hire to retire. The module is devised to offer implementation team training in all major technical areas of the application. It deals with all aspects of HR like common reports, payrolls, time managements, incentives and many more, making it a complete record of the employee. SAP HR Online Training UK

  3. SAP HR training includes the macro level details pertaining to the area of operations. The course details about the various common HR documents like HR reports, basic Q&A, Master Data and Configuration data, list of all BAPI/RFC and specializes on integration of SAP HR with other SAP Modules operating in the organization. SAP HR Online Training USA

  4. SAP HR course specializes in payroll concepts like configuration steps, transaction codes, schemes & PCR, pay slips, tax configuration, yearend process, payroll for concurrent employment, payroll exception reports and pension funds. SAP HR Online Training MALAYSIA

  5. SAP HR online training gives in depth analysis of time management and the various components involved in the same like configuration steps for time management, configuration steps for absence quota, transaction codes, quota for six months and about absence quota. SAP HR Online Training CANADA

  6. SAP HR course curriculum includes all this and more, from industry experts based on current trends. It also highlights the special aspects that beginners need to know like employee areas and sub areas, hiring and maintaining employee tracks. SAP HR Online Training DUBAI

  7. SAP HR training introduces the student to travel management basics and transaction codes. The other aspects include training, event management and concurrent employment. SAP HR Online Training AUSTALIA

  8. SAP HR online training gives insight into ESS, CATS, info types, personnel management, organizational managements and benefits. The module is an end-to-end solution in HR management. SAP HR Online TrainingNEW ZEALAND