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BUSINESS OBJECTS SAP BO ONLINE TRAININGIn these days of competition companies always want to stay ahead of their competitors and for that theemployers need timely, accurate and relevant information. There are tons of treasure hidden in the seeming irrelevant data emanating from the multifarious transactions and operations during the Lifecycle of a product from manufacturing to delivery. Analysis of such data can throw up interesting and important link between customers and your products and services. Seemingly useless data which would otherwise have ended in trash bins will provide useful information. The information will help companies to enhance their customer engagement capabilities.We are talking about SAP BO or Business Object. The web intelligence tools in SAP BOhelp employees to connect to the web intelligence universe and analyze the multifarious data emanating from different sources. Get reports indexed against specific parameters with the help of which you can collaborate with your colleagues to take right decisions at the right time. ROLE OF A UNIVERSEThe role of a universe is to provide an easy to use and understand interface, for non technical Interactive Analysis users. Also to run queries against a database to create reports and perform data analysis.What does a universe containUniverse is basically divided into two areas:1.Universe Pane 2.Structure PaneUniverse Pane:Classes ObjectsCLASSES: A CLASS IS A LOGICAL GROUPING OF OBJECTS WITHIN A UNIVERSE. IT REPRESENTS A CATEGORY OF OBJECTS. THE CLASS NAME SHOULD INDICATE THE CATEGORY OF THE OBJECTS THAT IT CONTAINS. A CLASS CAN BE DIVIDED HIERARCHICALLY INTO SUBCLASSES.OBJECTS: AN OBJECT IS A NAMED COMPONENT THAT MAPS TO DATA OR A DERIVATION OF DATA IN THE DATABASE. THE NAME OF AN OBJECT SHOULD BE DRAWN FROM THE BUSINESS VOCABULARY OF THE TARGETED USER GROUP. FOR EXAMPLE, OBJECTS USED IN A UNIVERSE USED BY A PRODUCT MANAGER COULD BE PRODUCT, LIFE CYCLE, OR RELEASE DATE. A UNIVERSE USED BY

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