welcome to the tndidd relias learning provider regional conference n.
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Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference

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Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference. April 2013. INTRODUCTIONS. Relias Implementation Team Members Sarah Armentrout, Project Manager sarmentrout@essentiallearning.com Christine Fitzgerald, Project Manager cfitzgerald@essentiallearning.com

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Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference

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    1. Welcome to the TNDIDD & Relias Learning Provider Regional Conference April 2013

    2. INTRODUCTIONS Relias Implementation Team Members • Sarah Armentrout, Project Manager • sarmentrout@essentiallearning.com • Christine Fitzgerald, Project Manager • cfitzgerald@essentiallearning.com • Janelle Dumax-Baudron, Implementation Consultant • Jdumax-baudron@reliaslearning.com TNDIDD Implementation Team Members • Global Administrators: • Eunice Spencer (W), Jerry Ramsey (M) & Rebecca Stamps-Brown (E) • Joyce Munda • Richard Shelton

    3. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Morning Session • Elevate Implementation Updates: Key Dates • Hierarchy Agency vs. Sub Portal Agency Overview • Hierarchy Creation and Overview • Completing the Bulk Load Spreadsheet • User Management • Share/Move Process Review 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Afternoon Session • Classroom Events, Course Library and TN DIDD Curricula Update to include Training Options • Enrollment: Courses and Curricula • Managing Completions and the Learner Blue Book (Transcript) • Reporting Overview • Q&A • Sub Portal Agency Training: • Creating Courses, Curricula, Auto Enrollment, User Increases and Q&A ****Stop by the Registration Desk for additional questions****

    4. DIDD IMPLEMENTATION UPDATES Elevate Project Timeline Key Dates: • 4/23/13: Bulk Load Spreadsheets begin going to Provider Agencies for review • 5/1/13: Relias receives Bulk Load Spreadsheets back from Provider Agencies NLT • 5/1/13: New hires begin accessing Elevate LMS • 5/15/13: Existing users begin using Elevate LMS (this date is contingent on when bulk load spreadsheets are received by the Provider Agencies.) • 6/30/13: CDS is no longer available. • Historical training data will come over from CDS to be included on the learner’s transcript and the Relias Learning Training Hours report going forward.

    5. HIERARCHY VS. SUB PORTAL AGENCY What determines a Hierarchy or Sub Portal Agency? • Hierarchy agencies will log into the Enterprise site: • http://tndidd.training.essentiallearning.com • Permission access is Supervisor, Instructor and/or Learner only. • User Management, Enrollment, Reporting, Assembler (Courses/Events) • Sub portal agencies will log into their own Elevate site: • http://tndidd-agencynameagencycode.training.essentiallearning.com • A sub portal must have a site administrator to maintain the site. • Permission access is Administrator, Supervisor, Instructor and Learner • Curricula, Auto Enrollment, User Management, Enrollment, Reporting, Assembler • Key differences: • Curricula, Auto Enrollment and Hierarchy placement of Training Administrator

    6. HIERARCHY CREATION AND OVERVIEW • Hierarchy Folder Names • Agency Name followed by 3 digit agency code • Hierarchy Functionality • Grouping Learners together with their Supervisor • Allowing Supervisors to access Learners for Reports, Enrollment, Warning Emails • Hierarchy Folder Names should match the Department values used on the Bulk Load Spreadsheet • 1 Warning Email Recipient for each hierarchy folder (designated on the Bulk Load Spreadsheet) • Demonstration: Let’s Review Hierarchy Creation and Overview • Hierarchy will need to be completed BEFORE your users are uploaded into the Elevate site

    7. COMPLETING THE BULKLOAD SPREADSHEET • Bulk Load Spreadsheet for TNDIDD agencies • Hierarchy agency or Sub-portal agency • Document to upload existing staff into the Elevate site • Will be emailed to Agency Administrators next week • Agency Administrator to Review the Bulk Load • No duplicate users • Department value should match the Hierarchy folder name • Job Title • Retraining Month • Employment Type • Region • Agency Administrators will email final version of their bulk load document to Relias Learning by May 1st • Relias will seek to upload users by May 15th

    8. THE BULKLOAD SPREADSHEET CONTINUED • Demonstration: Let’s Review the Bulk Load Spreadsheet

    9. USER MANAGEMENT Including User Increases • Sub Portal Administrators and User Management Supervisors are able to create new users in the Elevate site. • Sub Portal sites will be allocated a specific number of users based on your number of users at the time of bulk load. • Sub Portal Administrators that need additional users will have to submit a request to DIDD. • All new users must have the username of first initial first name last name and last four of SSN (ex: jsmith8745). • Elevate will check for duplicates, if it does not allow you to create the new user due to a duplication you must STOP and proceed to the process for Share/Move.

    10. SHARE AND MOVE • Automated process to handle Share and Move will be provided by the end of the 3rd quarter 2013. Prior to end of the 3rd quarter, the process will be as follows: • Share: • The Learner will provide his/her transcript to the new agency and will self enroll in required training. • Move: • The Learner will request that he/she be moved to another agency. That learner will transfer over to the new site completely. Note: If duplication is found when trying to add a new user, please submit a request to DIDD to have the user moved to your agency site or ask the learner to share a copy of the transcript.

    11. LUNCH

    12. Essential’s Open Library

    13. DSP & PA Phase 1 CPR & First Aid Fire Safety (1) Abuse (CDS-5 lessons Plus TNDIDDFH –basic Protection from Harm) Intro to DD (CDS-5 Lessons) No Changes: Not Web Training *Fire Safety (1) *Identifying & Preventing Dependent Adult Abuse & Neglect (1) plus *TNDIDDPFH Basic Protection from Harm *People with Disabilities Building Relationships & Community Membership

    14. DSP & PA Phase 1 (cont) (3)*Environmental Safety for Individuals with DD plus *Personal Safety in the Workplace plus *Risk Management in Daily Living for Indiv with DD *Bloodborne Pathogens Not a Web training still required in Phase 1 Safety at Home & in Community (CDS-7 lessons) Universal Precautions Indiv Specific Training

    15. DSP & PA Phase 2 Indiv Rights & Choice (CDS-4 lessons) Direct Support Professionalism (CDS-5) Person Centered Plan- ning and Supports (CDS -5 lessons) *Making Choices Supporting Indiv with DD (1) *The Role of the Direct Support Proffessional (1) *Person Centered Planning for Indiv w/ DD plus *Supporting Quality of Life for Person w/DD (2 total)

    16. DSP & PA Phase 2 (cont) Teaching People w/ Dev Disabilities (CDS- 4 lessons) Positive Behavior Support (CDS-7 lessons) HIPAA (fed req. training) Title VI (fed req. ) (2)*Strategies for Teaching Indiv with DD Part 1 plus *Strategies for Teaching Indiv with DD Part 2 (1)*Overview of the Principles of Positive Behavior Supports for DSPs *Confidentiality & HIPAA *TNDIDD Title VI

    17. ISC’s • The following Essential Learning Modules may be substituted for classroom training below

    18. Clinicians • People w/ Disabilities Building Relationships & Community Membership • TNDIDD PFH Basic Protection from Harm • Title VI

    19. Board Chairs and Members • Though nothing new is required training at this time, it is recommended that agencies look over the offerings on Essential Learning and consider adding lessons to their agency Training and Staff Development plan if they see value in the training offered.

    20. Essential Learning - Optional • As stated previously there are 286 courses in the library available to all learners. You are encouraged to write you own agency plan for training which can utilize many of these optional trainings to create the best staff for your agency and possibly work toward certification of your own agency. Note that the Basic Assurances are easily addressed giving you a highly qualified staff.

    21. Healthcare Issues optional suggestions • Documentation Guidelines for the DSP • Alternative Communication Strategies • Signs and Symptoms of Illness & Injury for Indiv with DD • Responding to the Health Needs of Indiv with DD • Dental and Oral Health for Indiv with DD • Infection Prevention (series ) • Basic Introduction to HIV/AIDS

    22. Personal Outcome Measures(Optional) • Overview of the Personal Outcome Measures • The Power of Personal Outcome Measures • Looking at the Data – Decision Making around Personal Outcome Measures • Application of the Personal Outcome Measures for Children, Youth, and Families with Young Children

    23. Supervisory Training (opt) • Supervisory Training Part 1: Defining Work Expectations • Supervisory Training Part 2: Supporting Work Performance • Supervisory Training Part 3: Knowing How to Discipline and Promoting Positive Work Place Enjoyment

    24. More Optional ESL Courses • Dual Diagnosis: Intellectual Disability and Mental Health • Writing Effective Incident Reports • Autism Overview • Rules of the Road • Defensive Driving • Emergency Preparedness • Discovering Personal Genius

    25. HOW DO I CONTACT DIDD? • DIDD.ISQA@tn.gov • Toll free number Phone #855-212-7627 • Toll free Fax ware # 855-589-3667

    26. ENROLLMENT • Who can enroll • Administrators • Supervisors with Enrollment Management (EM) • Instructors • Learners • How to enroll • Practical Demonstration in the site

    27. LEARNER BLUE BOOK & TRANSCRIPT • Demonstration in site (blue book icon found next to name of learner in the User Management listing of staff)

    28. REPORTING OVERVIEW • Categories • Course Enrollments and Completions • Curriculum • Course Analytics • Live Events • Additional Reports • Practical Demonstration in the site


    30. THANK YOU!!!! Hierarchy provider agency training is now completed. We will take a short break and then complete our Sub Portal specific agency training. Please feel free to stay and listen or you may choose to leave if you are not a sub portal provider agency.

    31. SUBPORTAL TRAINING • Site Demonstration of the following areas: • Assembler (Courses/Events/Tracking) • Curricula Creation • Auto Enrollment • Managing User Increases • Question and Answer • Recorded Webinar Recommendations: https://elconnect.essentiallearning.com/support/w/support-wiki/appendix-i-recorded-webinars-and-video-tutorials.aspx • Site Overview – Adminisrator • Assembler 101, Creating Courses and Events • Creating and Modifying Events • Tracking Courses • Curriculum Overview • Enrollment 101 • Reporting Overview

    32. SUPPORT RESOURCES • The Relias Learning Support Center will provide you with access to How To Manual, Knowledge Base articles, Recorded Webinars and Live Training Calendar. • http://support.essentiallearning.com • Please remember not to use the Live Chat or Submit a Ticket until the implementation process is complete. You should reach out to your Global Administrator or Relias Project Manager. • EL Connect: Implementation Related Links • https://elconnect.essentiallearning.com/gettingthemost/imp/b/implementation/archive/2010/01/18/quick-links-to-important-implementation-information.aspx • Sub Portal Learner Launch Sample Documents • http://elconnect.essentiallearning.com/support/w/support-wiki/learner-launch-materials.aspx

    33. Thank you for attending the TNDIDD and Relias Learning Regional User Conference!