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Web Technologies. Website Publishing/Going Live!. What to Consider. Before a website can be published, or go live, you must consider a few things. What is the domain name of the site going to be? Where is the domain name going to be registered? Where is the website going to be hosted?

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web technologies

Web Technologies

Website Publishing/Going Live!

what to consider
What to Consider
  • Before a website can be published, or go live, you must consider a few things.
    • What is the domain name of the site going to be?
    • Where is the domain name going to be registered?
    • Where is the website going to be hosted?
      • What type of server is needed?
      • What hosting services are needed?
    • How do I protect data/security?
choosing the name
Choosing the Name
  • The domain name must
    • be available
      • Check the name from a register. Just because you enter the domain into the address bar of your browser and nothing comes up does not mean the name is available
    • be easy to remember/short
      • You want visitors to be able to remember your domain name without having to write it down
      • Especially important for business websites
choosing the name1
Choosing the Name
  • The domain name must
    • be related to the business the site represents or the topic of the website
    • not include hyphens or numbers
      • Generally, hyphens and numbers are allowed to be part of the name, but they make the name harder to remember
domain name registration
Domain Name Registration
  • Many sites allow you to register a domain name
  • Using your favorite browser, do a search for domain name registration
  • The domain name registration site will let you know if the domain name you pick is available
domain name registration1
Domain Name Registration
  • Practice
    • You are creating a website for a club of your choice
    • The website will provide information about the club, meetings, activities, and anything members or prospective members would need
    • Search for a top-level domain name ending in

.com, .net, or .org for your website that properly

represents your club

selecting a register
Selecting A Register
  • You should carefully consider the company that you will be registering your domain name through
    • The company should be accredited
    • Location
      • There are accredited registers all over the world; you should choose a register located in the United States
        • US based companies are easier to work with and easier to contact. They are also bound by US laws.
selecting a register1
Selecting A Register
  • Reputation
    • Check for any complaints against the register
    • Check online for other reviews of the register; however, take online reviews with a grain of salt
    • Generally, only dissatisfied customers write reviews, and the complaints were not always checked for accuracy
  • Price
    • Domain registration ranges between $10 - $35 per year. Expect to pay the low end of that range
selecting a register2
Selecting A Register
  • Easy to Manage
    • You will need to use your register for more than just registering the domain name
      • You need to be able to easily renew the name
      • They should remind you when your domain name needs to be renewed
      • You will need to manage the website the domain name points to
selecting a register3
Selecting A Register
  • Practice
    • After you have found a site for domain registration, gather the following information:
        • What is the cost to register a .com domain name for 1 year?
        • What is the cost to register a .org domain name for 1 year?
        • What is the cost to register a .net domain name for 1 year?
        • Why do you think the .com domain is more expensive?
website hosting
Website Hosting
  • Hosting Options
    • Website hosting refers to where your website files are kept and accessed from the Internet
      • You can run a personal web server
      • You can use a commercial web server
website hosting1
Website Hosting
  • Personal web servers
    • Any computer can become a web server
      • Research the different web server software that is available
      • Install and run the web server software you have chosen if you want to have the site running from your personal computer
website hosting2
Website Hosting
  • Why run personal web server
    • Does not cost anything to put a site online
    • Provides a secure, private environment for developing and testing websites before transferring to a commercial web server
    • Domain names will not point to personal web servers
website hosting3
Website Hosting
  • Commercial web servers
    • Free website hosting
      • Some companies provide website hosting for free
      • You will usually have very limited services
      • Ads are usually placed on your website
      • May not work with top-level domains
    • Shared servers
      • A web server running multiple websites
    • Dedicated servers
      • A web server running one website
website hosting4
Website Hosting
  • Commercial web servers
    • Shared servers
      • Runs multiple web sites; less expensive as the cost of the server is divided among other website owners
      • The server software gives the appearance that your site is the only one running on the server
      • You have limited control over the server settings for your site
      • Generally lower space and bandwidth allotments
      • Can run slow, depending on the other sites
      • Best option for sites with low website demands
website hosting5
Website Hosting
  • Commercial web servers
    • Dedicated servers
      • The entire server is dedicated to your site
      • More expensive, generally $150 or more per month
      • High storage and bandwidth capacity
      • Full control and highly customizable
      • Suitable for businesses with high website demands
website hosting6
Website Hosting
  • Practice
    • You need website hosting for a small website, so a starter package would work for you
    • Do some research on web hosting sites
    • What is the monthly rate for shared hosting?
    • How much storage space is provided?
    • How much bandwidth is provided?
transferring files
Transferring Files
  • Before a website can be accessible, it must be transferred to your web server
  • When you register for web hosting through a commercial host, they will provide you with the access information
    • FTP address
    • username
    • password
    • directory
transferring files1
Transferring Files
  • Protocols
    • Rules. Internet protocols are established rules that any program offering a particular service will follow. Allows for different software applications running on different computers to communicate
    • When your browser views a website, you are using hypertext transfer protocol
    • To upload files to a website, you will use File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
transferring files2
Transferring Files
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    • When you transfer files to your server, you need to use a program that can connect to the server and allow you to copy your files onto the server
    • The web server will run a program called an FTP server that will allow other computers to connect to it to transfer files over
    • You will need to have an FTP client on your computer to connect to the FTP server
transferring files3
Transferring Files

Some applications have FTP capabilities built into the software

This makes uploading your website extra easy

transferring files4
Transferring Files
  • To get the files from your computer to the web server:
      • Log into your FTP client
      • Select the location on your computer where your files are stored
      • Open the www directory on your web server
      • Drag the files you want to transfer from the left side of the FTP client to the right side
protecting your data
Protecting Your Data
  • Websites with top-level domain names are constantly under attack
  • Hackers will try to gain access to your site for several reasons
    • Some want to host malicious phishing web sites
    • They can run spam scripts using your domain
    • Hackers may simply want to deface or destroy your website
protecting your data1
Protecting Your Data
  • You can take several steps to protect your data
    • Use a complex password consisting of random digits including letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Periodically change your server password
    • Adjust your server settings to automatically block the IP addresses of users with 5 unsuccessful login attempts.
    • Back up your content regularly
protecting your data2
Protecting Your Data
  • Passwords
    • First line of defense in protecting data
      • Passwords with only letters or numbers are easily cracked by brute-force hacking software
      • Passwords should be at least 7 – 10 characters in length
      • Quality passwords should resemble
        • dh3w&#12)w
      • Change the password at least once a month
        • This will add an additional level of difficulty in cracking your server’s password
protecting your data3
Protecting Your Data
  • Adjust your server settings to block the IP addresses of users with 5 unsuccessful login attempts
  • Brute-force hacking software are programs that make multiple attempts at cracking your server’s password. It is the most common tool used to gain access
  • Most commercial servers allow you to block the IP of anyone that makes multiple failed attempts to access the server
    • This tool will virtually eliminate the hacker’s ability to access your web server
protecting your data4
Protecting Your Data
  • Back up your content regularly
  • When your files are accessible online, it is impossible to make them 100% secure
  • Hackers can bypass the password and compromise the server from backdoors or other means
  • You should regularly back up your files to an external location, such as your computer