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My book ad . By: Allison Knobbe. The B.F.G box #1.

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My book ad

My book ad

By: Allison Knobbe

The b f g box 1
The B.F.G box #1

Imagine. You’re awake in the middle of the night at a orphanage. That’s what Sophie, a little girl, is doing. She is looking out her window when she sees a hand coming out. Soon, she only sees darkness. Who has her? What will happen to her? Read this book to find out!

The b f g box 2
The B.F.G box #2

The B.F.G

The B.F.G is a giant. He is the one who took Sophie. He is very tall and eats the oddest foods. The rest of the giants eats people. He doesn’t. What will the giant do to her? Will he feed her to the other giants? Read this book and you will find out!

The b f g box 3
The B.F.G box #3

I think that someone should read this book because of the humor. The giant says the craziest things and the other giants do weird things. I think you should also read this book because it is a fantasy. It makes imagination come to life! Please do me a favor, and READ THIS BOOK!!!!!

The b f g box 4
The B.F.G box #4


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