a temple is a university n.
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A Temple is a University

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A Temple is a University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Temple is a University
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  1. A Templeis aUniversity

  2. Light of the Bhagavata Verse 21

  3. The wind carries the clouds to different parts of the globe, and the clouds distribute rains, to the satisfaction of the people in general, just as rich kings and merchants distribute their accumulated wealth, inspired by religious priests.

  4. As already explained, the four divisions of society—namely: • the intelligent class of men (the brāhmaṇas), • the ruling class (the kṣatriyas), the • mercantile class (the vaiśyas), and • the laboring class (the śūdras)— • are meant to achieve one goal in life: self-realization, or cultivation of the human spirit.

  5. The intelligent class of men, the brāhmaṇas, are to inspire the kṣatriyasand vaiśyas in performing sacrifices for spiritual cultivation, And thus the cooperation of the brāhmaṇas, kṣatriyas, and vaiśyasupliftsthe people in general.

  6. It is the duty of the intelligent men to influence the members of the richer communities—the kṣatriyas and vaiśyas—to sacrifice for spiritual culture. Only in this way can the tension between the capitalists and the laborers be well mitigated.

  7. It is suggested herewith that the men of the intelligent class should not themselves try to become kṣatriyasorvaiśyas,nor should they engage themselves in the occupations of the various other classes; Rather, the brāhmaṇas should simply guide them in spiritual cultivation, just as the wind carries the clouds to other places to pour water. The wind itself does not take up the responsibility for pouring water.

  8. The intelligent men who work as the spiritual masters of society pour water on the blazing fire of miseries by disseminating spiritual knowledge and inspiring the richer section of the society to help in the cause. Temples of worship, for example, are constructed by the rich, and these temples are meant to impart spiritual education to people in general.

  9. The periodic spiritual ceremonies are held for inspiration, and not for exploitation. If there are flaws now because of the age of Kali, they should be rectified, but the institutions must be saved.

  10. Nila-madhavaDhama Universal Educational Programs • Pre-school • Primary School • Graduate School • Religious Classical • Literature Contact: TTD