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Accomplishments Pyxis Corporation, a subsidiary of Cardinal Health, Inc. acquired - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accomplishments pyxis corporation a subsidiary of cardinal health inc acquired

  • Innovation

  • HelpMate is a trackless, robotic courier system designed to perform material transport tasks throughout the hospital environment. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, HelpMate transports pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, equipment and supplies, meals, medical records and radiology films back and forth between support departments and nursing floors.

Two-Armed, Mobile Sensate, Research RobotHelpmate Robotics Inc. (acquired by Pyxis Corporation), Danbury CT

  • Accomplishments

  • Pyxis Corporation, a subsidiary of Cardinal Health, Inc. acquired

  • HelpMate Robotics, Inc.) of Danbury, Connecticut, the developer and manufacturer of advanced mobile robotics systems used primarily in hospitals, laboratories and other medical settings.

  • Commercialization

  • Many HelpMate couriers are in use today, both individually and in small fleets. Pyxis is fully integrating the HelpMate system and patented technology with its leading line of automated pharmaceutical and medical-supply dispensing systems.

  • HelpMate Robotics (originaly Transitions Research) was founded in 1984. During its early years, the company's focus was contract engineering and research and development for third parties, including NASA.

  • Government/Science Applications

  • The two-armed, mobile sensate, research robot project addressed the design of a two-armed, mobile, anthropomorphic testbed to allow development and demonstration of robotic support tasks to lead to design requirement for NASA on-orbit mechanisms. With sponsorship of Congressman Archer, Helpmate presented the case for robotic home care to the Health Care Finance Administration..

Points of Contact:

- Jane I Fox, 281-483-4815

- Pyxis 800.367.9947

1995 SBIR Phase II; NAS 9-97007 SS # 09-19

Johnson Space Center

May 17, 2000