writing to inform explain describe n.
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Writing to inform, explain, describe

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Writing to inform, explain, describe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing to inform, explain, describe. Tuesday 8 th March / Wednesday 9 th March. Paper: The Craft of the Writer. You are the ‘writer’ You are being examined on how well you can ‘craft’ language Remember: to craft language = to write skilfully. General Purpose and Audience

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writing to inform explain describe

Writing to inform, explain, describe

Tuesday 8th March / Wednesday 9th March

paper the craft of the writer
Paper: The Craft of the Writer
  • You are the ‘writer’
  • You are being examined on how well you can ‘craft’ language
  • Remember: to craft language = to write skilfully
assessment objectives i and ii

Purpose and Audience

Communicative Effectiveness


How successful and effective?

How focused on the task?

Sophisticated vocabulary? Controlled and varied sentence structure?

Skilfully paragraphed and structured?

Assessment Objectives (i) and (ii)
assessment objective iii



Accurate and varied marks used for effect?

Accurate and ambitious structuring of sentences?

Accurate spelling of simple and complex words?

Assessment Objective (iii)
  • May be linked to topics covered in other parts of the paper
  • May be random
  • BUT… they should provide you with an opportunity to write about something familiar or that interests you.
the questions
The Questions
  • Choice of two questions
  • May focus on single element of the writing triplet e.g. writing to describe
  • May combine two elements e.g. inform and explain



A form may be specified

e.g. write a letter explaining why you want to pursue a particular career

Addresses/dates 

Open/close with  suitable greeting

A form may not be specified

e.g. describe a person you admire

write in normal paragraphs

possible forms
Possible forms
  • Letters
  • Articles for:
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Leaflets
  • Scripts
  • Reports
  • Prospectuses
An audience MAY be specified

e.g. informing the headmaster about your views

use formal language and a polite tone

An audience MAY NOT be specified

e.g. explain how you think teenagers should be treated today

use vocabulary suitable for young and old readers *

key wording an example

Key wording: an example

Write an article for a magazine informing visitors to the area about local facilities and sites of interest worth visiting.

writing to inform
Writing to inform

Purpose: to give details about something

(Hint: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How)

Structure: Paragraphs organised by topic, beginning with clear topic sentences


  • Clear and factual but lively!
  • Technical/specialist vocabulary
  • Third person/formal
  • Honest and trustworthy tone?
writing to explain
Writing to explain

Purpose: giving more than details about something; justify and give the reason

(Moving into analysis)

Structure: Paragraphs (open and then give evidence)

Sequential/logical order


  • Connectives to show sequence, cause and effect
  • Technical/specialist vocabulary
  • Clear and authoritative in tone
  • Personal (emotional/subjective) OR factual and balanced
writing to describe
Writing to describe

Purpose: to paint a picture in words, to make something real for the reader

Structure: Paragraphs which cover different areas of the description


  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Use of verbs to give power and movement
  • Imagery (make sure it doesn’t jar…)
  • Variety of sentence length and structure
  • Appealing to reader’s different senses
exam hints 1
Exam hints (1)
  • Plan your piece of writing
    • NEVER just start writing; you will end up with a loosely-structured and disorganised result (  not ‘crafted’)
  • What should I put in my plan?
    • Ideas for content
    • Order of points and links
    • Key words to use to communicate ideas
exam hints 2
Exam hints (2)
  • Openings
    • Make your beginning attention-grabbing and interesting
  • Endings
    • Plan it for maximum impact – content and style.
  • Leave enough time to check for accuracy in spelling, missing words, punctuation
    • This could make a difference in your grade.
openings consider starting your writing with
OpeningsConsider starting your writing with:
  • A rhetorical question
    • ‘How would you feel coming face to face with your worst nightmare?’
  • A dramatic remark or statement
    • ‘I will never, ever set foot inside a hot air balloon again!’
more openings
More openings
  • An arresting image
    • ‘As the fear crept over me, I wondered whether I would live or die.’
  • An intriguing comment to draw the reader in
    • ‘When a person goes through an experience like mine last year, it changes their view of life completely.’
can i make up my answer
Can I make up my answer?
  • Yes, but….
  • It should be believable/realistic
  • Don’t waste time
  • You write better from your own experience
  • Concentrate on using language…


teachers and rooms tuesday 8 th march
Teachers and RoomsTuesday 8th March
  • BLUE: EM in Theatre
  • GREEN: Cv in E3
  • PINK: Hl in E2
  • ORANGE: Hk in E6
teachers and rooms wednesday 9th march
Teachers and RoomsWednesday 9th March
  • BLUE: HM in Theatre
  • GREEN: Ma in E3
  • PINK: FC in E1
  • ORANGE: Cv in E5