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Life can be tough PowerPoint Presentation
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Life can be tough

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Life can be tough - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life can be tough
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  1. Life can be tough 西柳中学 陈妍

  2. 1.Where does she come from? 2.How old is she? 3.Do you think she is a good singer? 4.Do you like her? 4.Can you sing her song? She comes from Taiwan. I don’t know. Yes,I think so.

  3. 1.What kind of music does the song Drifting combine? 2.When did her latest album Fly!Cyndi come out? 3.Who brought her up and taught her how to speak? 4.Is she working hard now? Thai folk music and modern dance. On November 30. Her grandmother. Yes,she is.

  4. tough   adj 艰苦的,艰难的 ache    v. 疼痛 folk    adj. 民间的 spin    v. 旋转 overnight  adv. 一夜之间 a tough match My stomach ached. stomachache headache toothache a folk story a folk music They spin a coin to decide who should start.

  5. 1.我不是那种一夜成名的人. I’m not the person who becomes famous overnight. 2.我是那种很认真学习的人. I’m the person who studies hard. 3.我不是那种喜欢熬夜的人. I’m not the person who likes to stay up. 4.pass away 去世

  6. Practice Her grandmother brought her up and taught her how to speak.(疑问词+动词不定式,做 及物动词的宾语.) 1.Mike ,could you give me some advice? I don’t know___________________.(穿什么) 2.She told me _______________this kind of TV. (在什么地方能买到) 3.He doesn’t know___________________. (怎样使用逗句) 4.I don’t know _____________(应该说些什么) 5.Could you tell me _________to the railway station?(请你告诉我去火车站怎么走好吗?) what to wear where to buy how to use commas what to say. how to get

  7. Homework: Write an article about your favorite singer ,movie star or sports star.

  8. Good bye