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How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Development PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Development

How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Development

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How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Development

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  2. Magento Website Development & Online Marketing Magento developer for hire work dedicatedly for their clients’ projects that involves ecommerce store or Magento website. There are certain things that should be taken into account before hiring services of Magento developer or agency. For ecommerce platforms with successful functioning module and infrastructure, open source platform of Magento is essential at the developmental stage of the website. The results are of course attractive with Magento but building your own online store is definitely not an easy task. There are many complexities involved in developing an online store that can be fulfilled through the software Magento. The entire process of Magento development is a mix of several skills and tasks that comprises of installing, configuring, building Magento themes and developing customized features for your ecommerce store. Job of a Magento Developer Tasks of Magento developers include building, supporting and improvement of Magento websites. To design and build a Magento website an entire team of web designers, Magento developers and others are required to accomplish the task. Main job profile of a Magento developer is to develop an ecommerce website that has relevant expertise with Magento platform.

  3. Magento Website Development & Online Marketing You can hire dedicated Magento developer from a Magento agency that has prior experience with that of your field. On the basis of the skill sets, Magento developers are divided into two categories: Back-end Magento developers Their main job is to build features for your ecommerce website, it can be through bespoke code or existing Magento extensions.  Front-end Magento developers These professionals build Magento themes for a website and replicate the web design in Magento which was initially provided by the web designer. They make it certain that your website looks attractive, it is responsive and works efficiently on different types of mobile devices and web browsers.  Primary Tasks Accomplished by Magento Developers They install, test and configure payment gateways in your ecommerce website like PayPal, Authorize.Net, SagePay, etc. In order to sustain multicurrency and multilingual set-ups, Magento stores are configured. Conducting audits for the purpose of search engine optimization of Magento websites. They incorporate different business systems like custom relationship management (CRM) software, accountancy software and other relevant business applications on your Magento website. Use the provided website design to build appropriate Magento themes. Installation and configuration of Magento. Work on the loading times and Magento’s performance and enhance it. Creation and customization of the core module. Import data for different categories and products. Creating static blocks and web pages. Important things to consider while hiring a Magento developer            In order to hire full-time Magento developer from a company, you should clear about all your needs and desires. To simplify this process, write it down all your requirements. Becoming a Magento expert is not expected, but gaining some initial knowledge about the software would help you get a better understanding of the focal points and difficult issues concerning your ecommerce store.

  4. Magento Website Development & Online Marketing Be precise and clear about your priorities, budget and timetable so that you can communicate your exact requirements to the professional developers. If you do your research well, the developers would be more serious about your project. Try to stay updated and be involved in Magento development process. 1. Shortlist Names of Preferred Magento Service Providers Recommendations from a reliable source usually generate positive outcome. You can take reference of a Magento developer or company from a friend or colleague or someone who is of this industry. Such recommendations can also be sought from third-party service providers like web hosting company or website designers. A professional connection on LinkedIn can also be explored, as it is a great platform for finding professionals. Just type-in ‘Magento’ in the search bar of LinkedIn and you would get recommendations of different types of groups and individuals.

  5. Magento Website Development & Online Marketing 2. Hire Magento Certified Developers Magento certification means that the developer has received online training course from Magento Corporation. They have appeared for Magento certification exams that indicate that they have better skills and qualification who have distinguished themselves from amateurs in the Magento development field. Based on the type of expertise the developer wishes to excel in, there are several types of certifications to be taken. Types of certifications are certified front-end developer, certified back-end developer, Magento certified developer, social learning group certification and moderator kit. 3. Find a Magento Development Company Magento is a very vast field as it addresses several aspects of ecommerce websites. There are so many certification and speciality in it, hence if any particular Magento developer claims to an expert to all the things that you need to be extra careful before hiring them. Different fields like content marketing, PHP programming, drop shipping, usability, design and its implementation, business logic and much more are associated with ecommerce website development and Magento development. A single person cannot be expert in everything, so people claiming that are either not speaking the truth or their quality of service would not be an up-to-the mark. A good Magento Development company has a team of Magento developers that have specialized in different areas. These companies differ in price, delivery time and availability, so inquire with a handful of them before finalizing any one agency. 4. Go Through Customer Reviews Best way to judge the type of services you are going to get from the Magento development company is to see their work portfolio and customers’ reviews. Many people are not an aware difference between a great quality site and a medium quality one. You can go through positive reviews of people who personally like their ecommerce website which is just normal, or people with negative reviews despite having a great website with excellent functionality and navigation. Weigh all the aspects and go through the things al minutest level. Portfolio section would surely help in decision making. Few things that you can see for are the website users flow, ease of use, internal links and access to information.

  6. Magento Website Development & Online Marketing 5. Hire Magento Developer for Long-term Several people keep wrong notion that online stores and websites are static in nature and can take care of themselves, this is completely wrong. Online stores are dynamic nature and a living entity that can be infected with viruses, hacked by hackers or not function smoothly at some point of time. They also need to be updated regularly, license to be renewed for extensions and themes or you just need to add any new idea or feature to the website at some point. Although a properly built and developed Magento website does not need much to be done from the programmer’s side the above things do take place. Hiring a new Magento developer after every few months means they have to understand your website from scratch and may lead to not so perfect results. 6. Hire Trusted and Reliable Magento Developers It is always safe to hire Magento developers or agency that have a good market reputation and are reliable. Such people are active in their respective fields, for references you can go through their postings and LinkedIn profile. Conclusion Hiring services of a skilled and professional Magento developer simplify your long-term journey towards making your ecommerce store well-known and famous. Work with someone whom you can trust and addresses your Magento needs seriously. They should have easy access when you need them.