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The Integrated Florida Statewide Model PowerPoint Presentation
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The Integrated Florida Statewide Model

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The Integrated Florida Statewide Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Integrated Florida Statewide Model. Presented to. SE Florida FSUTMS Users Group Meeting. Presented by. Yongqiang Wu FDOT Systems Planning Office February 08, 208. Content. Model Structure/Implementation. Model Calibration/Validation. Model Applications. Future Enhancements.

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Presentation Transcript

The Integrated Florida Statewide Model

Presented to

SE Florida FSUTMS Users Group Meeting

Presented by

Yongqiang Wu

FDOT Systems Planning Office

February 08, 208


Model Structure/Implementation

Model Calibration/Validation

Model Applications

Future Enhancements

model structure
Model Structure

Highway Network

  • Freight Model
    • Trip Generation
    • Trip Distribution
    • Mode Choice
  • Passenger Model
    • Trip Generation
    • Trip Distribution
    • Auto Occupancy

Joint Assignment

integrated modeling process

Freight Model

Statewide Zonal Socioeconomic Data

Passenger Model

Non-Freight Trucks

Freight Trucks

Statewide Highway Network

Tonnage Generation by Commodity Group

QRFM Trip Generation by Truck Class

Auto Trip Generation from MPO Models

Auto Trip Generation for Non-MPO Zones

Auto Vehicle Trip Distribution

Statewide Highway Network Skims

QRFM Trip Distribution by Truck Class

Tonnage Distribution by Commodity Group

Tonnage Mode Choice (Tons to Trucks Conversion)

Auto Occupancy Model

Long Distance Trip Module

Urban & Rural Auto Trip Table

Freight Truck Trip Table

Heavy Truck Trip Table

Medium Truck Trip Table

Light Truck Trip Table

Short Dist. Ext-Int Trip Table

Long Dist. Business Trip Table

FL Res LD Tourist Trip Table

FL-US / FL-CAN Trip Table

Multi-User-Class Equilibrium Assignment


Volume/Speed by Vehicle Class




Integrated Modeling Process
highway network in state
Highway Network – In-State

In-State: 87,853 Links

highway network out of state
Highway Network – Out-of-State

In-State: 87,853 Links

Out-of-State: 2,914 Links

Total: 90,767 Links

taz structure internal
TAZ Structure - Internal

Urban: 3,529 Zones

Rural: 358 Zones

taz structure ext stations
TAZ Structure – Ext. Stations

Urban: 3,529 Zones

Rural: 358 Zones

External: 94 Stations

Total: 4,008 Zones

passenger trips
Passenger Trips
  • Short Distance Trips

Trip distance <= 40 miles

  • Long Distance Trips

Trip distance > 40 miles

passenger trip purposes
Passenger Trip Purposes
  • Short Distance Trips
    • Home-Based Work
    • Home-Based Shopping
    • Home-Based Social-Recreational
    • Home-Based Other
    • Non-Home Based
    • External – Internal (EI)
passenger trip purposes14
Passenger Trip Purposes
  • Long Distance Trips
    • Long Distance Business Trips
    • US Visitors to Florida
    • Florida Visitors to US
    • Canadian Visitors to Florida
    • Florida Instate Tourists
  • Data Sources for Long Distance Trips
    • National Household Travel Survey (NHTS)
    • American Travel Survey (ATS)
    • Florida Visitors Study
truck trips
Truck Trips
  • Separate Programs for Freight and Non-Freight Trips
  • Freight Trips
    • 14 commodity groups (trip purposes)
    • Tonnages of commodities (trip ends)
    • function of employment & population
commodity groups
Fourteen Groups


Non-Metallic Minerals



Non-Durable Manufacturing Goods




Petroleum Products

Other Durable Manufacturing Goods

Clay, Concrete and Glass


Miscellaneous Freight


Commodity Groups
freight modes
Freight Modes
  • Five Modes
    • Truck
    • Intermodal Rail
    • Carload Rail
    • Air
    • Water
  • Allocate by Commodity Group
  • Assume 306 Working Days per Year
non freight truck trips
Non-Freight Truck Trips
  • Quick Response Freight Manual (QRFM) Method
  • Function of Employment & Household
  • Three Truck Types
    • Light trucks (four-tired vehicles)
    • Medium trucks (single unit trucks with 6+ tires)
    • Heavy trucks (combination trucks)
joint trip assignment
Joint Trip Assignment
  • Trucks are Converted to Passenger Car Equivalent (PCE)
  • Multi-User-Class Equilibrium Trip Assignment
    • Long distance auto and heavy trucks are assigned to highway path based on free flow travel times
    • Short distance auto, medium- and light-trucks are assigned to highway path base on congested travel times
joint trip assignment20
Joint Trip Assignment
  • Post Processing
    • Change attribute names to make the output more readable
    • Convert PCEs back to number of trucks
    • Calculate aggregate statistics
model calibration validation
Model Calibration/Validation
  • Validated to Year 2000 Conditions
  • Three Levels of Validation
    • System-wide
      • Achieve reasonable results statewide
    • District-wide
      • Adjustment of parameters specific to districts
    • Corridor level
      • Focus on major statewide corridors
model applications
Model Applications
  • Statewide Long- and Mid- Range Transportation Planning Studies
  • Florida’s Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Implementation Analysis
  • Corridor Analysis
  • Freight Movements Analysis
  • Freight Mode Shift Impacts
  • Source of External Forecasts for Urban and Regional Models
model enhancements
Model Enhancements
  • Development of GIS Based Network
  • More Compatible TAZ Structure
  • Uniform Passenger Trip Generation Model
  • Review/Revise Freight Model
  • Update Long Distance and Tourist Trip Tables
  • Validate to 2005 Conditions

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