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Literary Devices

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Literary Devices
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Literary Devices

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  1. Literary Devices

  2. What are… LITERARY DEVICES? Literary devices refers to specific aspects of literature. In other words, they are a way of using the English language. This consists of similes, metaphors, and personification. There are many more, but these are the main ones. SimilesMetaphorsPersonificationAlliteration End

  3. Similes (or Smilies!!) A simile is where you compare something with something else using the word ‘as’ or ‘like’. For example… Your work looks like a toilet. Or… You are as fat asa hippo. Part 2

  4. You are comparing something By using the words as or like. So, the sentence structure for a simile is… Blablah as (adjective) as a (noun). Or… Blahblah… like a(noun). Back

  5. Metaphors A metaphor is when you say something is something else To exaggerate something. For example… When you dance, you are a complete clown Or… Your bedroom is a pigsty. Part 2

  6. We said it, but directly, without an ‘as’ or ‘like’. This is the (simple) sentence structure of a metaphor: BlahBlah… is/are (a) (noun) Back

  7. Personification Personification is when you turn a human Emotion and make it appear like an actual person, to exaggerate the feeling. For example… Fear entered the room with me. Or… Happiness was hugging me. Part 2

  8. This effect made it seem like fear and happiness were real people. There is no real structure as you can make this any way you want.But, don’t forget, every emotion you do this to, it needs a capital letter. Back

  9. Alliteration All an alliteration is is when there is two or more words beginning with the same letter. For example… The ant asked about the Arsenal match. Or… The snake slithered stealthily through the sticks and stones. Back

  10. I’m as happy as   ! Thank You For Watching!!! By MouneilSethi (me).