gas processing plant n.
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Gas Processing plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Gas Processing plant

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Gas Processing plant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gas Processing plant

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  1. Gas Processing plant Online production 4 months ahead of schedule

  2. One tier dedicated to plant functionality 8 communication rings at process level protected via firewall with each ring having local historian Accessed by operations, engineering and central control Second tier provides upper level, enterprise-wide acquisition One ring for upper level with historian used as a data repository for management staff, marketing and plant operations Management sees mimics of process displays without speed degradation and risk to live control system Information is captured for future analysis, facilitating more informed production and business decisions Data for business decisions without risk to controls Two-tiered historical data management

  3. A plant-wide Alarm and Event server with a capacity of one million messages consolidates all messages from 17 historians at the process system level to a consolidated server The consolidated server is public, plant-wide and secured from the control level systems An accurate system-wide time stamping scheme provides the ability to correlate OCS process, diagnostic and Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) messages and values. Detailed analysis of events from separate systems based on synchronized timestamps enables better understanding of an anomaly and quicker resolution Greater understanding and coordination of multiple systems

  4. Advanced alarming for quicker start ups • Alarm frequency reports provide a tally and a hierarchical listing of alarms and their frequency. • The plant was brought online 4 months earlier than scheduled • Quick identification of process problems from the reports • The ability to analyze and promptly resolve these problems accelerated the start-up schedule Maintenance efficiencies

  5. Less engineering with integrated historian solution • Consistent display formats for data are used throughout operations, engineering and management • Few engineering hours required to create special historian displays • Uniformity of presentation avoids opportunities for misinterpretation when moving from one system to another