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AHCA Quality Symposium St. Louis, Missouri February 6, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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AHCA Quality Symposium St. Louis, Missouri February 6, 2009

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AHCA Quality Symposium St. Louis, Missouri February 6, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustaining The Gain. AHCA Quality Symposium St. Louis, Missouri February 6, 2009. from Tom Peters:. “Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” In Search of Excellence: Lessons From America’s Best Run Companies. The Human Factor.

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Presentation Transcript

Sustaining The Gain


Quality Symposium

St. Louis, Missouri

February 6, 2009

from tom peters
from Tom Peters:

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.”

In Search of Excellence: Lessons From America’s Best Run Companies

the human factor
The Human Factor
  • Quality does not improve on its own
  • People tend to look at people when things go wrong(94% of problems are related to systems)
  • People tend to jump to solutions
  • People forget to check if their solutions worked
models to model
Models to Model
  • Models that provide a framework for organizational quality:
    • International Organizations for Standardization ISO 9001
    • Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
  • Models that provide methods for improving quality processes:
    • The Deming System (PDCA/PDSA)
    • Toyota Production System (LEAN/Just in Time)
    • Six Sigma (Eliminate Defects) (5 Whys)

I Only Know

What I Know

our challenges
Our Challenges
  • Silos
  • Data
  • Processes
  • Vertical, Horizontal
  • Not my Job
  • Learning to Integrate
  • Voicing Expectations
  • Too Little/Too Much…
  • Too Confusing!

How Do I…

Acquire, Present, Use, Crunch, Understand, Validate, Compare…?


Why? (Why, Why, Why, Why?)







Our Journey


  • Critical to Quality Attributes
  • PDCA
processes sipoc
Processes - SIPOC


The individuals or groups that have a vested interest in the performance of the process but do not define the requirements of the outputs.

Process Name: the working name of the process





The things necessary to perform the value-added tasks of the process.

The products or services that the process delivers.

The individuals or groups who receive the outputs of the process; they do define the requirements of the outputs.

The individuals or groups that provide the inputs for the process.

t (start): the most significant starting or triggering event that starts the process

t (done): the most significant completion event of the process cycle

Process Owner: The person who is responsible for the goodness of the process irrespective of whether they own all of the resources performing the process

Process Performers:

The individuals or groups who perform the value adding tasks in the process.

Key Performance Measures: The measures used to determine the “goodness” of the performance of the process; i.e., quality, cost, cycle time, satisfaction, value.

Process frequency (volume): The rate of repetition of the process; i.e., how often the process occurs

  • Developed In House “Experts”
  • Analysis and Presentation tools – using Excel
  • More Vigorous Search for Valid Comparison Data Sources
departmental quality plans
Departmental Quality Plans
  • Indicators
    • High Volume
    • High Risk
    • Problem Prone
    • Sentinel
  • Thresholds
  • Action Plans
    • Quarterly Plans, IDT Plans

Sustaining the Gain

Can It Be Done


20 leaders said
20 Leaders Said:

An impromptu ask, 2 responses each:

  • Leadership: 7 responses
  • Strategy: 6 responses
  • Work Force: 8 responses
  • Customer Focus: 7 responses
  • Process: 12 responses
  • Our leaders challenge us to strive for excellence
  • Leaders do what they need to do, no one waits to be told what to do
  • Our different styles of leadership work well together
  • We want to follow our leaders
  • High Accountability Factor
  • We follow our plan
  • We take time out to plan our future
  • We think outside the box
  • We plan our role as a facility, and for our community.
  • We have a balanced plan
work force
Work Force
  • Our staff “get” and live out our Mission and Values
  • What we do, we are all doing well
  • We work well together
  • We all get after ourselves when things slip, we don’t hide problems, or wait for someone to point out problems
customer focus
Customer Focus
  • Everyone comes together for what our residents want and need
  • Every Resident is an Individual
  • We look at residents’ quality of life holistically, not just medically
  • We know whose home this is, and everyone works together to respond to what our residents’ want and need
  • Our processes work – we are proactive instead of reactive
  • We look for problems to fix, and not wait until they become “real” problems
  • A well oiled machine – each department does their job well
  • We challenge the normal acceptable standard, to make our own high standards
results over time
Results – Over Time
  • Health Care: 5 of 5 still excellent results
    • 4 of 5, no longer on “the radar”
  • Customer: 7 of 7 still excellent
  • Finance/Market: 10 of 10 still excellent
  • Work Force: 4 of 5 still excellent
  • Organization Effectiveness: 3 of 3 excellent
  • Governance/Social Responsibility: 9 of 9 still excellent

Thank You!


Jon Frantsvog, Administrator/CEO

St. Benedict’s Health Center

& Benedict Court

851 4th Avenue East

Dickinson, ND 58601

701 456 7305