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evaluation q.3

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Which media instituation could distribute your product and why?

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evaluation q.3

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    1. Q.3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

    2. Distribution I think that if our thriller would be distributed it would be shown in small cinemas across Britain. Because it is a low budget film there would be no money for feather advertisement outside UK. I believe that our thriller could be digitally distributed. It would help access for those who don not get a chance to see it in cinemas.

    3. Working Title Films • Working Title Films • Working Title Films is a British production company which I think could distribute our thriller. Some of the greatest and most famous films were released by this company e.g.: Billy Eliot, Bridge Jones and Johnny English. It has also released some thrillers which could be comparing to our thriller. • Thrillers released by Working Title Films: • A Kiss Before Dying • Gone • Catch on Fire • My Little Eye • State of Play • The Interpreter • Year of the Gun

    4. Film 4 Film 4 is another British production company which I think could distribute our thriller. I think that because it’s British and it has distributed low budget films before. Film 4 production has mostly distributed drama films but I think that it could distribute also our thriller. One of the thrillers it has distributed is Dead Man’s Shoes. It is a psychological thriller which has been made of a small budget and is comparable to out thriller.

    5. Se7en Our thriller could be compare to Seven (1995) in terms of the style of filming and editing. Movie which we produced follow the codes and convention on the thriller and the story line is comparable to other thrillers but the quality and the style could clearly be improve. Better equipments and more experience in filming would make our thriller more professional as would be able to control props, light and camera angles. Also with experience we wouldn’t have to repeat continually shots. Seven is an American thriller distributed by New Line Cinema. Even that the plot and style is comparable to our thriller I don’t think it could be distributed by the same company as it is British and low budget. From the same reason It could not be distributed 20th Century or Warner Bros which had distributed lots of low budget thrillers.