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The first fight of the American Revolution was at the Battle of … . Lexington and Concord. At the beginning of the American Revolution, SC’s population was about 1/3 Patriots, 1/3 Loyalists and 1/3 ______. neutral.

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Lexington and Concord


Banastre Tarleton

Francis Marion

Patrick Ferguson

William Moultrie

War of attrition

Pyrrhic victory

Andrew Pickens

Horatio Gates

Lord Cornwallis

Patriot or Whig

Nathaniel Greene

Guerilla warfare

  • A person who did further part in the warnot support the rebellion, who supported the king and who wanted to remain part of Great Britain, was known as

Loyalist or Tory

Wealthy white men,

from the Low Country, patriots

  • More loyalists in the south to aid them

Back Country

(or Up Country)


Battle of Sullivan’s Island

Charles Town

  • Camden


Battle of King’s Mountain


British promised to return land if GB won war

Eutaw Springs

Sullivan’s Island



Partisan fighters stopped the BR from moving northward.

Battle of Yorktown

Settlers continued to move onto their land; the British encouraged settlers to attack and support British; supplies had stopped from Charleston

Cherokee attacked frontier settlements;Many Cherokee homes and villages destroyed;Brutal fighting

Treaty of DeWitt’s Corner;Cherokee lost all land in SC except a small area in nw corner

Patriots fought Loyalists in SC. They were all colonists and inhabitants of the land

Supported the patriots;managed farms and plantations, nursed wounded, served as spies and messengers

Served in some armies;continued to work as slaves;did manual labor such as cook, build, etc;rode with the partisans

He had captured enough British soldiers to be sure that the British did not execute any more colonials.