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Building a Bridge: Reading and Math Instruction

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Building a Bridge: Reading and Math Instruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Bridge: Reading and Math Instruction. What do you think is important when teaching reading? Yes, reading! Please write some important words and phrases under the first flap of your notes foldable. Building a Bridge: Reading and Math Instruction. Do a Think-Share-Write-Share

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building a bridge reading and math instruction
Building a Bridge:Reading and Math Instruction

What do you think is important when teaching reading? Yes, reading!

Please write some important words and phrases under the first flap of your notes foldable.


Building a Bridge:Reading and Math Instruction

  • Do a Think-Share-Write-Share
  • Read the article given
  • Highlight anything that stands out
  • Share your ideas with a partner
  • In the 2nd flap of your foldable, write words/phrases that good reading and math instruction should have in common.
  • Be ready to share
guided math

Guided Math

Rebecca Radicchi

Better Together Workshop

Pickett’s Mill Elementary

November 4, 2008

Based on the resources provided by the Cobb County District K-5 Math Coaches

what is guided math
What is Guided Math?
  • One component of a balanced mathematics program
  • Students learn in small flexible groups based on instructional level
  • Students work in appropriate standards-based workstations
what does guided math look like
What does Guided Math look like?
  • Includes:
    • Workstations based on the standards
    • Students working independently, in groups, and/or with teacher
    • Teachers formally and informally assessing student progress
  • A part of math instruction 2 or more days a week
how do i set up my groups
How do I set up my groups?
  • Originally based on the Pre-IMI Analysis by standard
  • Group according to analysis of standards not necessarily total missed
  • Can have 2-3 groups
  • Groups can/should changeregularly based on student understanding
guided math workstations
Guided Math Workstations
  • Set up around the room on desks, tables, or bulletin boards (remember technology)
  • Put in tubs and placed on students’ desks
  • Based on concepts to maintain and/or concepts to learn
  • Should access levels of Bloom’s
guided math students
Guided Math Students . . .
  • Keep work in progress in a folder
  • Keep a record of which workstation they complete daily along with any products in a workstation folder
  • Are accountable for keeping up with workstation work, recording completed workstation daily, and producing quality work
guided math teachers
Guided Math Teachers . . .
  • Set up standards-based workstations based on student need
  • Lead whole group discussion about the workstations at least once a week
  • Develop a system for recording what the students are doing in the workstations
how do i get started with workstations
How do I get started with workstations?
  • Decide on workstations:
    • Strands
    • GPS concepts to maintain
    • Skills being taught
    • Multiple intelligence
    • Fluency building activity
  • Be sure the workstations are authentic, standards-based activities and not “busy work”.
  • Create a planning system and a student log
ideas for workstations
Ideas for Workstations
  • Technology: Smartboard, computer
  • Standards-Based Games: card games, etc.
  • Problem Solving: Exemplars, Logic, Problem-Solving Deck
  • Math Journals
  • Fluency Building Activities: timed tests, flash cards, etc.
  • Guided Manipulative Exploration: geoboards, measurement, etc.

Brainstorm some ideas under the “Workstation” flap on your foldable. Be ready to share!

summarizing the lesson
Summarizing the Lesson
  • Math Journal Quick Writes
  • Discussion
  • Understanding Check:

-thumps up, thumps down, etc.

-Final Countdown, 3-2-1, Ticket out the

Door, etc.

  • Review and answer essential question
  • Math Chair or “Hot Seat”:

-Could use sample math journal prompts for students to respond to

-Read math journal

  • Reread standard, ask kids if they met the standard.
what now
What Now?
  • Decide on rules and routines
  • Set up groups
  • Create a schedule
  • Develop accountability form
  • Plan group and mini-lessons
  • Design workstations
math workstation resources
Math Workstation Resources
  • Laura Candler
  • MathWire
  • Georgia Math Frameworks
  • Public Schools of NC: Problem-Solving Decks
  • My Blog
  • Cobb Math Blog
  • Cobb Math Links List
  • Plug Into Mathematics
  • WESTEST Prep Page
  • Teams Educational ResourcesGrades 3-5/Function MachineAgebra, Geometry and Numbers
  • Mrs. Powell’s Math Tubs Explanation
  • Marcia’s Math Tub Fun
  • Mrs. Meacham’s Math Tubs

Resources You Already Have

1. Standards-based CDs and board games2. Think Math (came with new math resources last year)3. Investigations 4. Everyday Counts/Partner Games 5. Exemplars6. SmartBoard and hands on manipulatives

is it your lucky day
Is it Your Lucky Day?!

If you have the word “Time” written on the back of your agenda, you win “The Gift of Time”!

If you have the words “Door Prize” written on the back of your agenda, you can choose a door prize!

special thanks to
Special Thanks To:
  • Ashley Kirby, Area 6 Lead Teacher, for sharing resources
  • Cobb County Math Coaches for presentation materials