Gifts of the holy spirit
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GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Elizabeth Le. COURAGE. Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez has the Gift of Courage. She is one of the celebrity ambassadors for UNICEF, a charity that supports children who are sick, malnourished and in need.

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Selena gomez


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has the Gift of Courage. She is one of the celebrity ambassadors for UNICEF, a charity that supports children who are sick, malnourished and in need.

Selena travels to distant places where it is unsafe just to aid children who are unfortunate than her. She donates money to help these children and she performs in concerts to help raise funds to benefit the lives of these poor children.

St cecilia of rome
St. Cecilia of Rome


St. Cecilia of Rome had the Gift of Wisdom. She taught her fiancé about the Catholic faith and she used her knowledge wisely.

St. Cecilia knew a lot about the Catholic faith, so she taught her fiancé who was an atheist and he soon began to believe in God and got baptised. She didn’t keep her knowledge to herself, instead she acted wisely and spread the Word of God to the people who didn’t believe.

Gifts of the holy spirit



My mum has the Gift of Wonder and Awe. She always stops at least once a day to admire something in the garden, something she saw in the Newspaper or something that she read about online.

She spends time to praise God and His wonderful work. My mum sees God and something special in everything she comes across everyday.

Mrs selemba

Right Judgment

Mrs. Selemba

Mrs. Selemba

Mrs. Selemba uses the Gift of Right Judgment to help me make good choices. She shows me right from wrong.

Whenever I am doing something wrong, she steers me into the right direction. She praises me when I am doing something right and when I am doing something bad, she gives me a warning and a wake up call to do good things.

Elizabeth le


Elizabeth Le

I, Elizabeth Le, find the Gift of Understanding in myself. I am able to put myself in another person’s point of view to be able to be a comforting and supportive person.

I care for the people who are going through a hard time and I use my knowledge of how they are feeling to be the person who can they can come to when they are feeling down.

Gifts of the holy spirit



I see the Gift of Reverence in my dad. He respects God and is always turning to Him in both hard times and good times in his life.

He prays all the time and he takes us to Mass every Sunday to worship and pray to God. He is constantly thanking God everyday for everything that he has and he does good with his skills that God has given him.

Father brian


Father Brian

Father Brian possesses the Gift of Knowledge. He knows a lot of things about the Scriptures and God and Jesus, and he teaches us about them.

He shows us the meanings behind the Bible stories because he knows a lot about them. He uses his knowledge of these stories to be a messenger of God and to spread the Word of God to the rest of us.