Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01
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CHEMISTRY CIVIL ENGINEERING PERTEMUAN 01. Matakuliah : S0372 – Kimia Teknik Sipil Tahun : Ganjil 2007/2008. ANTECEDENT. Elementary concept of Chemistry Civil Engineering.

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Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01


Matakuliah : S0372 – Kimia Teknik Sipil

Tahun : Ganjil 2007/2008

Antecedent elementary concept of chemistry civil engineering
ANTECEDENT.Elementary concept of Chemistry Civil Engineering

  • Chemistry learn about material structure and natural by changes this items in course of natural and also in planned experiment.

  • Descriptive chemistry marking differentiating one from another, elaborating the condition of that essenceinteraction, and summarize the nature of and new usefulness any kind of which is yielded.

  • Chemistry of Teoristis explain why that change happened.

  • Material science discipline science with aim to specify relation between structure, nature of and prosessing of solid material. this Application science under knowledge of physics and chemistry.

5 class material

  • Metals : any kind of or chemical elements combination like gold, silver, iron, aluminium. Metal represent conductor which good to electrics and heat.

  • Ceramic : Greek of keramos (earth burnt), by tardisional ceramic is burned clay. Modern Ceramic may in the form of oxides, karbida-karbida, and borida-borida.

  • Polymer : Many Greek poly ; meros (part), materials of organic consist of to enchain from simple molecules which repeated.

  • Semiconductor : Material like Si and Ge with nature of electrics between ceramic and metal.

  • Composite : made Material from all kinds of shares; physics mixture from two or more materials.

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01

Modern Computer chip which made of [by] chemicals

Gold high valuable element.

Mercury (Hg), Silver (Ag) and Sulphur (S)

Iron able to rust.

Sumber : Chemistry, McMurry Fay,2001

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01

  • Bitumen is polymer of thermoplastic that happened naturally. Representing low molecular weight hydrocarbon mixture and low molecular weight. Used as materials of adhesive and or mortar to at least 30000 year.

    7 logam antique

  • Auaurum (gold)

  • Agargentums(silver)

  • Cucuprum(copper)

  • SnStannum(tin)

  • Pbplumbum(lead)

  • Hghydrargyrum(mercury)

  • Feferrum(iron)

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01

  • Cooper, Silver, Gold is conceived of by metals native.

  • Bronze of copper mix with 10% nickel.

  • Steel is combination of iron (Fe) less than 1% carbon weight (C)

  • Quartz is ceramic with composition of SiO2that have been used to be more from 5000 year.

  • Concrete is composite and ceramic..

  • Limestone is inorganic sediment rock (calcite (CaCO3)) for construction more than 5000 ceramic year upon.

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01


Every essence have the nature of, for example salt and sugar have the nature of white chromatic, solid, dissolve crystal in water, but sweet sugar likely. Sugar burnt on the air and new salt melt after heat etc.

Nature of intrisink is the quality of having the character of typically every example of size measure and form.

Nature of ekstrisink is the nature of which do not typically from itself Iihat vitamin. Size measure, long form, weight, and temperature.

Nature of chemistry is the nature of intrisink, for example ethyl of alcohol flammable, rusty iron etc. Earn also referred is typical quality causing that essence exchange, goodness alone and also have interaction with other essence

Nature of Physics is characteristic, differentiating from other essence and not entangle any change to other essence.

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01

Change in Items and of Energi.

  • Change of chemistry result to lose essence and forming of new essence.

  • Change of Physics is changes which do not cause the happening of forming of new essence.

  • Change of Energy is ability of system or object work, every change of chemistry and or physics, entangling change of energy Various form of energy.

    Hot Energy

    Electric Energy

    Radiation Energy

    Chemical Energy

    Nuclear Energy

    Potential Energy

    Kinetic Energy

Sumber :

Chemistry, McMurry Fay,2001

Chemistry civil engineering pertemuan 01
NO : 7 g nitrogen per 8 g oxygen N : O radio mass = 7 : 8NO2: 7 g nitrogen per 16 g oxygen N : O radio mass= 7 : 16

Somber : McMurray Fay “Chemistry”, Prentice Hall, Inc, New Jersey 2001