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  1. LOCAL FOOD VENDORS Shannen Holahan Matt Moerschbaecher

  2. Vendor LIST • There are numerous whole sale produce vendors delivering to restaurants and groceries throughout the state. • We got info from the yellow pages as well as Rouses Supermarket and Dorignac’s Food Store.

  3. SEASONS • We also obtained a list of produce - available in north and south Louisiana seasonally-from Ag Center. • This could be useful in developing a menu for the dining hall.

  4. Source: ChartwellsWebsite (http://www.eatlearnlive.com/)

  5. 459 Commons Chef Mike Foster

  6. Louisiana Food Products in the Dining Halls

  7. Louisiana? Louisiana? Louisiana? Louisiana? Louisiana?

  8. Study Shows LSU Adds $1.2 Billion to Area Economy Research underscores university’s impact on Baton Rouge sales, jobs and dollars generated “The state’s flagship university generates jobs and paychecks that not only sustain and expand a significant portion of Louisiana’s economy, but also enhance our quality of life.”--LSU Chancellor Michael V. Martin “While the study focuses on the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), LSU is also a major player in the state’s economy,” said LSU Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development Brooks Keel.

  9. Future Possibilities Continue conversation and implementation efforts between Chefs (Mike Foster), Administrators (David Heidke and LSU Reps), and Distributors (Barry DeBenedetto) Community Education and Outreach Louisiana Product Labeling Feature Locally Produced Louisiana and Regional Products Optimally, produce grown on Campus Farm would be made available for on-campus consumption